Wrigley Field troughs can save the Cubs

Wrigley Field troughs. Photo by the blogger. That's him (me) in the mirror on the right!

Wrigley Field troughs. Photo by Admin. That's him (me) with a camera in the mirror on the right.

Last June the Cubs announced that the infamous men's room communal troughs would not be replaced by individual urinals during upcoming renovations. It was pretty much the only good news of the season, besides perhaps the trade of Carlos Marmol to the Dodgers.

The much heralded decision was widely covered in the Tribune and in many Cubs blogs. Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue put it this way:

The troughs are grandfathered; if the Cubs add new restrooms (as they did in the bleachers), they must install individual urinals. But for the older restrooms that already have troughs, those can remain.

"Grandfathered" troughs! As a grandfather myself, I couldn't have been more thrilled.

If you check out the comments section of the BCB blog you'll read lots of clever puns, and jokes about the troughs being given landmark status, or how they should be declared historic sites etc. But one idea with boundless potential for the future of the Cubs themselves was overlooked.

The Cubs could sell naming rights to the troughs!

The Cubs' Front Office (FO) has stated numerous times that they are selling ads and building Jumbotrons to make lots of dough to buy lots of future Hall-of-Famers who will make the Cubs a dynasty once again!

("Once again?" you ask. I reply: 1906-1910. Appearances in 4 of 5 World Series, winning 2. That's pretty much a dynasty. Not to mention the 19th Century!)

A silly idea you say? Ha! There's precedent, and very high-brow precedent at that.

The other night, Wife of Admin and I attended a play. It was produced by one of Chicago's, and the country's, most fabled and honored theater companies. During intermission I excused myself and headed to the "facilities."

And what do my wondering eyes behold on a brushed metal plaque just outside the door ... ?

Bad photo by the blogger.  Sorry! Had to use my cell phone camera in low light.

Bad photo by Admin. Sorry! Cell phone camera, low light.

I immediately told Wife of Admin about it. She has extensive experience with foundations such as this. I asked her what kind of a foundation would want their name associated with a men's room. Usually they have their names on gallery walls in the Art Institute, or on big gilded and engraved lists of donors at Orchestra Hall.

She shook her head in amazement. "A foundation with a sense of humor I should think," she said.

Which made me think of the Cubs. What team's fans have a more cynical, bawdy sense of humor than the Cubs? We'd love something like this!

Think of the possibilities ...

An obvious choice would be Budweiser (and hold the jokes about Bud tasting like you know what anyway). You have the Budweiser Bleachers and the Budweiser Patio already. Why not the Budweiser Troughs? Enter and tap a kidney!

There could be Bud and Bud Light logos on the beer cup shelves above many of the troughs with copy such as, "When you're done, refill with Bud!"

And how about Target? They already have their bulls eye logo on one of the outfield doors. How about putting it on the pink sanitary pucks that are in the troughs to make you think the troughs stay antiseptic.  Now that's what I call a target! (You can see reflections of the pink pucks in my shot at the beginning of this blog, if you look deeply into the troughs.)

The possibilities are endless. Talk about new revenue "streams" for the Cubs? This is exactly what the Cubs FO is working so hard to accomplish!

PNC Bank already has an official PNC luxury box right above where we stand in SRO at aisle 206. How about the PNC Troughs?

Think about it.


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