Chicago streets named after Cubs (Part I)

Soon after Ron Santo passed away, I posted on another Cubs blog that the city should consider renaming Berteau Avenue in his honor. Perhaps raw emotion overcame common sense. The idea didn't meet with much support from the blog's admin, or readers who left comments. In my own last comment I made a virtual bet that the city would nonetheless change the name of some street, in some neighborhood, within ten years.

And now I read that the Mayor wants to change the name of Stony Island to Arthur Brazier Avenue in honor of the influential South Side pastor and civil rights leader. Rahm seems to be running into the same kind of poo-poo-ing that I experienced. I could have warned him if he had only asked. Maybe he expected it but will forge ahead in spite of the negativity, kind of like Mayor Daley II and Meigs Field.

Anyway, this got me thinking of that old post, and of other streets in Chicago already named after Cubs, past and present. They're all over town! I ventured out one drizzly morning to document the phenomenon. This will be the first post detailing the "Cubs Streets." Much more to come. I haven't started on the suburbs yet!

Feel free to contact me if you know of any others. Email:

And if all these guys get street names, why not Santo??


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  • This project could last for years!

  • How about Dempster? When I was growing up we lived in Chicago, about one block out of Niles. So this may be considered more suburban. Whenever we pass it now, I think of him.

    Here's a wikipedia link to it's location.

  • Thanks, KT! Dempster is definitely on the schedule. It runs through Evanston, too, not far from where we live on the North Side.

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