Urban horror -- Cubs book panned by thief

We had been to Target to buy a bunch of pillows. We drove home and parked about a half block from our building. Getting out of the car our hands were full of big bags so I neglected to lock the doors. Next day I climbed into the driver's seat only to see this ...

glove compartment and floor

Someone had been in our car and had rifled through the glove compartment in search of riches. It was a familiar sight because the same thing happened once before -- in a Shea Stadium parking lot the night of September 22, 2008. I remember the date because it was the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Merkle game played across the river at the Polo Grounds. (If you haven't heard of the Merkle game click here and read an excerpt from my book Waiting for the Cubs.) 

Whoever invaded our car that night swiped Daughter of Admin's backpack containing her school books and glasses. Big haul!

This time around our emergency corkscrew didn't seem good enough for him (or her)! But wait ... I looked to my left to check the driver's side door handle where we keep spare change for "Pay to Park" kiosks, drive-thru windows, and to pay Little Madeline for her help with E-Z Pass booths (don't ask).

To my shock and dismay, this is what I saw:

car handle

The door handle was empty. The criminal must have gotten away with at least 3 bucks in quarters and dimes.

Oh, the horror!

Then I thought: "He (or she) could have also popped the trunk and taken our collapsible camping chairs with the convenient cup holders that we use at Montrose Harbor to sit and read or just look at the stunning cityscape."

I jumped out of the car and opened the trunk. To my relief the chairs were still there. But I noticed something else that wasn't quite right ...

Waiting for Cubs in trunk

The copies of my book that I keep in the car for signings and other literary-like events had been rearranged. The thief had rummaged through the carton but didn't take even one copy. I was insulted.

But the joke's on him (or her). She (or he) could have sold them new on Amazon for $22.43 each (cheap) and made over 300 buckaroos!

Feeling vindicated, I reached in my pockets in search of change to begin to replenish the door handle.


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  • Aw. Reminds me of when I used to do outdoor art fairs. Someone tried to take the marine batteries I had been using for the electricity to light up my tent, not to mention help weigh it down. They were found a half block away. The thief must not have realized how extremely heavy they were to carry until after he took them. My oil paintings were all still hanging though :)

  • In reply to KT KC:

    Obviously a cretin!

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