Worst Cubs weekend ever

The Dodgers were in town so we decided to experience "Puig-mania."

We headed to the ballpark on Saturday to see the new Dodger phenom Yasiel Puig, who seems to have single-handedly propelled the Dodgers from last place, where they were when he joined the club on June 2 at the tender age of 22, to first place in the NL West.

Son of Admin was sure we could secure standing room tickets because he had contacted friends in the ticket "industry" and was advised that the Saturday game was one of the hottest tickets of the year --  a virtual guarantee that the Cubs would release SRO tickets.

Ha ha ha!


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  • A heartbreaking day for sure. We were so excited to see Harper's reaction to being in the park (it has been 1 year), and we (and especially she) were denied. Capitalism garbage!

  • In reply to son of admin:

    Cubs lost money by trying to force fans who were willing to pay $30 to get in to pay over twice that. The fans refused. That's why Sheffield's was so crowded!

  • Painful. Just say'n.

  • Sorry you had such an awful weekend. However, I can't say that I blame the Cubs for not issuing standing room tickets when they are not sold out. Personally, I find it more annoying that they cut off the sales from StubHub 6 hours before the game. That has stopped me from going on the spur of the moment.

  • In reply to KT KC:

    Hi KT,

    For most games, you're probably right. But they drew well over 40,000 on Saturday. And with the only tickets left $70+? They turned away a lot of fans. I saw it. The guys behind the ticket windows even seemed frustrated by it. And the Cubs lost money and made yet more fans mad. Bad PR.

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