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Chicago streets named after Cubs -- Part III

(Hugh) Fullerton Parkway is named for the sportswriter who helped Cub Hall-of-Famer Johnny Evers write two books: Touching Second, and a kids' book named Baseball in the Big Leagues. Evers is the Cub second baseman who called for the ball when Fred Merkle failed to touch second, paving the way for the last, to date, Cubs World Series win in 1908. Fullerton is also well known for being a key figure in the uncovering of the Black Sox scandal of 1919, but what of that?
We continue with our survey of streets and things Chicago named after Cubs. This began because I once suggested that Berteau Avenue be renamed Ron Santo Avenue, and was shouted down. Part I appeared in October and Part II in early November. Let’s begin with a couple of streets not named for Cubs but for... Read more »

Wrigley Field Christmas ... Off-season's Greetings!

Even Ernie feels the chill!
Chicago has had more winter during the weeks before Christmas than during the two previous years combined! We decided to drive by the ballpark and see what’s up at Clark and Addison during this particularly frosty holiday season …

Wrigley Field E-Guide -- a Cyber Monday review

Kurt Smith publishes a series of ballpark guides, and e-guides, that exhaustively cover how to get to the parks, ticket and seating options, food choices, the kinds of fans to expect, restrooms (especially important concerning the Wrigley Field men’s rooms!) and other issues facing first-time, or even frequent, visitors. All of the guides are available at... Read more »

Selling fish

After graduating from college, I looked for absolutely nothing meaningful to do. I read about opportunities to work on farms in Europe.  Sounded good. The Cubs were typically horrible, so what would I miss? I signed up with a kind-of exchange student service that would put me in touch with Norwegian farmers. They would hire... Read more »

Wrigley Field Centennial banners are up

The Wrigley Field Centennial logo was unveiled a month or two ago. Since then we have been waiting to see how the Cubs’ front office would use it to decorate the outside of the ballpark. It has already appeared on the Cubs Store across the street, and on just about every kind of Cubs souvenir... Read more »

Chicago (area) streets (and things) named after Cubs -- Part II

(Ryan) Dempster Street runs through Evanston and Skokie, and other northern suburbs. Dempster just won a ring because he's on the Red Sox now. He made it very difficult for the Cubs to win rings in 2008 by walking about 100 Dodgers in the playoffs. Nonetheless, he not only gets a major thoroughfare named after him, but the pictured CTA stop in Skokie as well.
The Cubs just named Rick Renteria to be their new manager, which could be the last bit of off-season excitement for some time. So let’s continue with our tour of Chicagoland streets and things named after current or former Cub players and personnel. Part I was published October 3, 2013, to little fanfare. This project... Read more »

Cubs help a little kid at his first game

One midsummer afternoon my dad asked me if I would like to go to a Cub game. I don’t think I answered coherently. All of seven years old, I had been watching both the Cubs and the White Sox on Channel 9 every day. Back then, in 1958, WGN used to broadcast whichever team was... Read more »

Wrigley Field troughs can save the Cubs

Last June the Cubs announced that the infamous men’s room communal troughs would not be replaced by individual urinals during upcoming renovations. It was pretty much the only good news of the season, besides perhaps the trade of Carlos Marmol to the Dodgers. The much heralded decision was widely covered in the Tribune and in many Cubs... Read more »

Cub fan grave - a picture is worth a thousand words

Graceland Cemetery is just a few blocks up Clark from the ballpark. We were taking a tour there (it has lots of famous people with huge monuments) when we happened upon this marker. Nothing further needs to be said. — Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list... Read more »

Bartman game, and why I'm a Cub fan

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of Game 6 of the National League Championship Series between the Cubs and the Marlins. The web as well as broadcast and print media have been awash with articles, blogs, videos and posts noting this infamous moment in sports (not just baseball) history. Even the New York Times ran a story... Read more »