Rolling Stones sighting! Ron Wood in Chicago!

June 4, 2013.

The Cubs didn't start until late, so while we were waiting Wife of Admin and I went on an architectural self-tour of Chicago's West Loop and River North neighborhoods. Our goal was to end the day at the new Poetry Foundation after strolling around town looking at famous Chicago buildings. The Foundation is located in a beautiful new modern structure, designed by John Ronan, at Superior and Dearborn. As we got closer we were getting hungry, but didn't want to settle for Subway or McDonald's or even most of the restaurants we saw. We decided to go about 4 blocks out of our way to a French café at Rush and Superior. It's called Pierrot Gourmet and the food is always good if a bit pricey. But we were having fun and so figured, "What the heck?! Let's splurge a little."

I had been shooting photos all morning and so was in a picture-taking mode. We walked into the café and there was Ron Wood sitting at the very first table with about 5 other people. It's a small, narrow room so we had to walk right by his table to get farther inside. I recognized him, and being in my photo-mode instinctively said, "Ron, can I take your picture?" I was going to text it to our kids. I'd been texting them pics from our tour all day. And as we walked in, it looked like someone else was asking him to autograph a tee shirt, so I thought he was open to fans being obnoxious.

A bodyguard jumped up from the next table and said, "Not while he's eating."

I felt like a total jerk and said, "Of course. Sorry. No problem."

We took our seats about 4 tables away. The bodyguard followed us and said, "Sorry about that, but if you're still here when he's done eating, it'll be okay."

I thought that was extremely nice of the guy! I said, "Don't worry about it. But thanks!"

He went back to his table. We ordered lunch, OF COURSE guardedly glancing over at Ron Wood's table, trying not to gawk. The cafe is attached to the Peninsula Hotel so it was full of rich, tasteful patrons who ignored the fact that a superstar rocker was in the joint. Wife of Admin said that any one pair of sunglasses worn by the diners cost more than our net worth.

We ordered. Our lunch arrived pretty quickly and we started to eat. At one point I looked at Wood's table and saw him standing to leave. The bodyguard gestured to me to come over. Surprised, I hopped up, still chewing, and approached. I was just going to take Wood's picture but the bodyguard offered to take a shot of the two of us.

We shook hands. Wood was very cordial, even as I spit out bits of food while stammering, "Love the Stones. And I really loved the Faces!" He liked that last comment a lot and gave me a big broad smile and a thumbs up. Then the bodyguard took our picture. I said thanks to them both, and then said, "Knock 'em dead!" Wood smiled again and gave me another thumbs up!

Ron Wood and a Chicago blogger, Rush and Superior, June 4, 2013, 1:50PM.

Ron Wood and a ChicagoNow blogger, Rush and Superior, June 4, 2013, 1:50PM. Picture's a little fuzzy because of  a cell-phone camera being used in a low light situation.

So now I have two reasons to never wash my right hand -- shaking hands with Keith Moon in 1968 and Ron Wood yesterday!

Ron Wood -- nice guy.

Bodyguard -- really nice guy.

And a very nice day indeed! Until the Cubs lost to the Angels on an Albert Pujols (who else?) homer. And the Hawks lost, too.

About the shirt:  Vinejoy is a cool Chicago wine distributor with wines in lots of independent wine shops, like Printers Row and Gentile's, and some wines at Binny's, too! They specialize in small batch wines from California's Central Coast.  Thus the map on my shirt.

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  • Cool sighting! That was nice of him to take a photo with you.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    And nice of the bodyguard to make it happen.

  • fb_avatar

    Was he getting dialysis?

  • Faces. Good call, Floyd Sullivan.

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