Park Renovations! -- No, not Wrigley Field.

I had a Waiting for the Cubs PowerPoint presentation in River Forest, Illinois, so I swung by Taylor Park in neighboring Oak Park to have a look. You see, a couple of weeks ago I learned that one of our ChicagoNow admins lives two blocks from where I grew up at Ridgeland and Division across the street from the park. Via email he told me that the park has changed a lot since I played baseball there just about every summer evening back in the '60s.

Since the Cubs game doesn't start until 6:00 or so today, while I'm "Waiting for the Cubs" I thought I'd do a quick picture study of some of the changes to a landmark park, designed by famous landscape architect Jens Jensen, where generations of kids spent their formative baseball, football, basketball, tennis, "ditch," tree-climbing, and teen romance years.

Because this was spur of the moment, I used my iPhone camera instead of my dslr.  Please excuse that camera's shortcomings, although the images were more crisp than I expected.

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