Wrigley Field 2013 Preview

With the Cubs opening on the road, the crew at the ballpark is still putting the final finishing touches on the venerable yard for this its 100th season of professional baseball (2 Federal League seasons, 98 Cubs).  And with the Cubs already ranked 29 out of 30 teams in batting average at a whopping .133 (only the Pirates are worse, which might explain why the Cubs have won 2 games), maybe the ballpark is the only thing worth looking at closely. Recent press coverage of the renovations deal-that-never-was-but-now-almost-is certainly gained more ink, air time, and megabytes than the team's on-field performance.

So I said to myself, "The heck with the stats and the standings," and (cue Passion Pit) I took a walk. Around the ballpark, that is. Very appropriate and apropos this year because, depending on how the renovations deal turns out, this could be the last season to visit the ballpark in its current form.


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