Cubs wrist band daze! Our best chance to win a lottery ever.

The Cubs held their last wrist band days (probably ever) Sunday and Monday at the Captain Morgan Club just west of Gate D. The idea is you get a band with a number on it, and then if your number is pulled in the lottery, you get first choice for tickets for the upcoming year. Four seasons ago, as I blogged about at my old address, this was a major event!  But for the last three seasons, I didn't bother going because we've never had much problem getting tickets during these "rebuilding" years.

But this season I figured, what the heck? Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to buy some 500s for Opening Day. So we piled into the car and cruised east on Addison the 1.6 miles from our home to the ballpark.

This gallery is a record of what we found.

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    No reason to waste a Sunday afternoon when I know I can go on any day of the week, excluding Crosstown and Opening Day, and grab any seat I want.

    I value the effort. I think it goes to show that the offseason was pathetic for the Cubs and that the hope for this season is lost.

    I hope your fortune works out because it'd be nice to be able to have a first pick for the Crosstown, Cubs/Cardinals, and maybe an interleague series. I know Texas is coming to town. The Angels too.

  • In reply to pjdalmasy:

    Thanks. If I win I'll let you know and you can let me know which games you would like!

  • Stubhub for 30 cents anyone? Great pics. The beer looked yum.

    I remember a couple years ago (maybe 5) and it was a madhouse for those wristbands!

  • In reply to son of admin:

    The beer was yum!

  • Update: I didn't win.

    The winning number of the random drawing for the first fan to purchase 2013 Cubs regular season single game tickets at Wrigley Field is: 12511. All other wristband numbers will follow the winning number. Fans with wristbands 12511 through 17509 should come to the Captain Morgan Club starting at 7 a.m. CST Friday morning.

    NOTE: Wristbands must be unaltered, intact, and worn until your ticket purchase is made. The same form of identification used to obtain a wristband must be presented at the time of purchase. (Two forms of identification, one of which must be a valid government issued photo ID.) Your wristband is only good for ticket sales Friday, March 8, at Wrigley Field."*


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