Cubs have "committed" another mortal sin.

On Thursday the Cubs unveiled the theme of their 2013 marketing campaign. It's called "Committed" as in their fans are committed to remaining loyal, and the Cubs themselves are committed to winning a World Series, some day, some way. The campaign's launch coincided with the first day of ticket sales, and the last ever wristband event. The campaign idea hasn't gone over too well so far.

I did an informal survey among Cub fans and here are some of the reactions I've received:

"Personally, I think its obnoxious. Win ballgames, you jerks, and cut the hokey crap.  Love, cub-mitted"


"Makes me think of a nut house."

"It sounds like they haven't been 'committed' up until now, and so, since attendance is down, they have to convince people that they're sincere."

The dovetailing of the campaign's first days with wristband ticket sales seems ironic. Where does one find wristbands? Hospitals and Wrigley Field!

Cubs wrist band with tickets

As you can see, I was at the ballpark for wristband sales and got my opening day tickets. There couldn't have been more than a couple hundred fans there at the most. I was the third-to-last person in line, and I still got exactly the tickets I wanted (four 500s, outfield).

The last wrist band customer, March 8, 2013, 9:48am.
The last wristband customer, March 8, 2013, 9:48am.

The press hasn't been too kind to the campaign theme either. I've been surfing the web for opinions and have not found a positive review. And if you'd like to read how other fans feel, just keep reading the comments after the Cubs' own post by Carrie Muskat. It gets brutal.

The word "committed" isn't even a baseball word. Fans are "loyal" or "life-long" or "die-hard," maybe. Owners might be "determined" to build a winning team.

Players don't "commit" hits, or runs, or double plays.

Wait! I take it back. After a fielder boots a batted ball, we say he or she "comitted" an error!


"Committed" is a big E-1060.


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  • total-E.

  • fb_avatar

    Very insightful article.

  • What a crazy campaign.

  • In reply to KT KC:

    Ha! What are they thinking?

  • If you're a Cubs fan, you should be committed.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    No doubt.

  • That should actually be the slogan for this year.
    E - 1060
    Love it. I guess no expectations leaves more room for surprise. Her's to the glass half full.

  • In reply to son of admin:

    As long as the beer cup is full full.

  • Great story. For years, I've been told I was crazy to be a Cubs fan. Now, management is acknowledging that. Thanks, Theo!!!

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