Cubs Opening Night - images from around the ballpark

Final touches. Clock tower, new administration building.
My cell phone told me it would stay above 60 degrees all evening. My cell phone lied. I took the 152 Addison bus east to Wrigley Field. They dropped us off a block away because the area around the ballpark was sealed off by police. It was warm. I thought I’d have to take my... Read more »

Game 7 - the best photograph ever

Every picture tells a story … Last Sunday we were in our car listening to Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer on the radio. The Cubs were piling up the runs, eventually scoring 22. Blowout games like that can cause an announcer’s mind to wander to things other than the play-by-play. Thus once again, as has happened so... Read more »

The Cranes of Wrigleyville

Take the bus to the ballpark and what do you see?
When you approach the ballpark these days, you see a strange sight that you might only expect to see downtown, in Streeterville, or perhaps in the West or South Loop. Cranes loom high above Addison and Clark. It’s odd to see them in a Chicago neighborhood. The blocks around Wrigley Field are changing in a way that... Read more »

Reliving the Cubs' World Series Game 7. We missed the final play.

(Admin note: Many of you have asked about the publication date for my new novel Called Out. We are going into the last proofing phase and so the book is on track for a May1, 2017 release date. Click here to read more about it. And now, on to today’s blog …) Last week I called... Read more »

Crowd size controversies. 108 since 1908, part XXXII (the last).

The City of Chicago estimated that 5 million people celebrated the Cubs’ first World Series Championship in 108 years by lining the parade route and attending the rally in Grant Park on November 4, 2016. Almost immediately I saw postings on Facebook and elsewhere that expressed profound doubt that a crowd almost twice the size... Read more »

CALLED OUT - new novel dramatizes 1908 Cubs championship season

You might say, “There was already plenty of drama in 1908,” when the Cubs last won a World Series until last year. “Why do you need to ‘dramatize’ those events?” And you would be right. But we might counter with, “But that’s what makes it such rich material for a historical novel.” Amika Press thinks... Read more »

Injury report. Cubs elbow and other notes.

First, a couple of you have been wondering what happened to Waiting4Cubs. The blog has been quiet for several weeks. It’s simple, or maybe really complex, not sure which. The morning of Game 7 of the World Series my computer failed. And that was only the beginning. My troubles included not just one or two,... Read more »

Celebrating the Cubs. No longer waiting.

Fans celebrated the winning of the NL pennant as they waited for the World Series to start.
The last couple of weeks have been, to say the least, among the most memorable in recent history. Quite a roller coaster for many of us. The mix of emotions has many descriptions … If you are an Indian fan and a Clinton backer, you are profoundly depressed. It went from bad to worse. If you... Read more »

These Cubs are for you, and you, and you.

Guest post by Kirk Kubicek (Admin note: Kirk is a high school friend. He first posted this piece on FaceBook the morning after the Cubs won the NLCS. He is an Episcopal priest living in Maryland.) I woke up at 5am this morning and the world had changed: the CUBS, my Cubs, Steve Goodman’s Cubs,... Read more »

Cubs will play in the 2016 World Series.

Let’s say it again. The Cubs will play in the 2016 World Series. This isn’t 1969, or 1984, or 2003, or 2008. This is 2016 and the Cubs will play in the World Series. Has it sunk in yet? Not here either! Last night we watched as a ground ball bounced toward shortstop. “Double play,” someone... Read more »