Wrigley Field renovations -- week four. We visit the architects!

Let's join Cubs Chairman of the Board Tom Ricketts for a stroll around the park!
Last weekend we attended what must be the most fun annual event in the city — Open House Chicago — especially since October baseball is rare around here. Attendees are invited to explore dozens of buildings usually closed to the public. Being fans of Chicago architecture, we visited many. On Saturday our last stop was... Read more »

Wrigley Field renovations progress -- week three. Bleachers torn down.

When you approach Clark and Addison you first notice the protective plywood that has been put up around the marquee. Now take a look at the construction fencing. The Cubs have added a decorative plastic covering with images of bricks and ivy plus the new campaign slogans.
But not all of the bleachers. First things first. The Cubs launched a PR/Advertising campaign to celebrate the changes at Wrigley Field. The front office seems to like to festoon (or deface) the ballpark with banners and ads featuring pithy slogans and catch phrases. Remember “Year One”? How about “Committed”? A lot of writers and... Read more »

Wrigley Field renovations progress -- week two. Thick as a brick.

What's happening behind the green fence?
On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, I decided to have lunch at the McDonald’s across Clark Street from Wrigley Field. Looking out the window I was horrified to see a cement mixer pulled up to the area near the Ernie Banks statue. Our commemorative brick is there! What are they doing? Paving over it? Want to... Read more »

Wrigley Field renovations progress -- week one

The 1914-2014 banners are down, which to me is a good thing! But look closer ... there is a fence that pretty much encircles the ballpark from the front entrance all the way around to Gate D at Sheffield and Addison.
A Wrigley Field usher friend who lives out of town suggested I keep my readers up-to-date on the progress, or lack thereof, of the Wrigley Field renovations. Good idea! There are several faithful readers from out of state, and many who live in the greater Chicago metropolitan area but only visit Wrigleyville if they’re going... Read more »

50 years at Wrigley Field -- a family of vendors

Back story. Several years before I started blogging, we lived in Pennsylvania but often traveled to Chicago to visit friends and family, and to take in at least one Cub game. Because the team was occasionally, dare I say it, good, weekends were usually sold out. So we would buy standing room tickets and head... Read more »

13 best Wrigley Field memories -- no. 13: the last game

The "No Parking Construction" signs were up.
A friend and I went to the last Cubs home game of 2014. While there I received this text from our youngest daughter (D3oA). Say goodbye to Wrigley Field as we know it. We did. Want to read more Waiting4Cubs stuff? Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My... Read more »

13 best Wrigley Field memories - no. 12: $100 SRO tickets

June 20, 2008. We live in York, Pennsylvania, but are in town to visit Son of Admin (SoA) who lives on Waveland Avenue across the street from the ballpark. The Cubs and White Sox are scheduled to play a weekend series at Wrigley Field. Both teams are contenders. The Saturday game is already sold out.... Read more »

13 best Wrigley Field memories - no. 11: that Van Slyke dude

As I planned my 13 Wrigley Field memories blogs, I jotted down this simple entry… Many fans of a certain age think of Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies as the ultimate Cub-killer, especially at Wrigley Field. However, whenever we watched games during the late 1980s, it seemed that Pittsburgh’s Andy Van Slyke just plain... Read more »

13 best Wrigley Field memories - no. 10: 1969 Opening Day

On April 8, 1969, a fellow student and I cut classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle (“Circle” for short and now called just the University of Illinois at Chicago) and headed for the ballpark.  It was Opening Day! We planned to sit in the bleachers because, being college students, we wanted the... Read more »

13 best Wrigley Field memories - no. 9: beer

During the 1970s Wrigley Field seemed more of an anachronism than a landmark. Rumors circulated that the Cubs would move to Schaumburg or some other suburb, or another city, and build a big new stadium like the mammoth concrete bowls in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia.  But the Wrigley family, still owners of the team and... Read more »
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