Cubs win 38th (and 39th). Trail Pirates. 108 since 1908, part XXII.

We have friends from Pittsburgh who wish our headline was as true in 2016 as it was on July 1, 1908. The Cubs’ record at the end of play on that date was 38-23-1. The tie was a game that went 17 innings before being declared a draw because of darkness (lights wouldn’t be installed... Read more »

"Cubs Beaten, 5-3. Some Tailend Team Knocks [Pitcher] Off Winning Perch." 108 since 1908, part XXI

Lack of Practice in Unfamiliar Vocation of Playing Ball The 2016 Cubs have lost three out of their last four games. The horror! Is it the May fade-away? Calm down, everyone. The above headline is from the May 16, 1908, Chicago Tribune. The World Champion Cubs had just lost their third game in a row. This... Read more »

Cubs tie the Cubs. 108 since 1908, part XX.

The 2016 Cubs have long since surpassed the 1908 Cubs’ excellent start. With Sunday’s exciting, intense, crazy, extra-inning win over the Nationals, they have now tied the Cub team that had the best start in history, the 1907 “Polk Street Miracle.”  After 30 games, both the 1907 and the 2016 crews stood at 24-6. The... Read more »

When the Cubs were the Nationals. 108 since 1908, part XIX.

Pat Hughes said the words “… since 1908″ on 670AM radio Wednesday. The context was Jake Arrieta’s dominating 6W-0L start to the 2016 season, the best for a Cub pitcher since Mordecai Centennial Peter Three Finger Miner Brown went 11W-0L to begin that last championship year. The comparisons to the Cubs of that decade are... Read more »

Cubs are 15-5. Best start since 190?. 108 since 1908, part XVIII.

The 1908 Cubs were 13-7 after 20 games. The 2016 Cubs are 15-5, clearly off to a better start than the last Cub team to win a World’s Series. In fact, it’s their best start since the first year they won a World’s Series, 1907. That year the Cubs were one game better than 2016... Read more »

Arrieta throws 2nd no-no. Can 1908 Cubs top that? 108 since 1908, part XVII.

The text wires started heating up in the seventh inning. Brooklyn: No-hitter in the 7th! Admin: Watching! Wicker Park: Insanity! Indianapolis: Not watching but following! Also Brooklyn: Watching! Wicker Park: How about that Kris Bryant!! Admin: Lord have mercy!!! New Jersey: Fabulous!! Arrieta! Part of the magic! Not a bad score too!! Oregon: I’m watching.... Read more »

Cubs beat Cards. 10W, 3L to begin season, x 2. 108 since 1908, part XVI

Excellent pitching, timely hitting, and a St. Louis throwing error helped the 2016 Cubs win their tenth game of the season against only three losses. I could have written the same thing about the 1908 Cubs. John Lackey looked brilliant against his former teammates last night. Dexter Fowler helped with a sixth inning home run... Read more »

Cubs start season 7-1, x 2. 108 since 1908, part XV.

Bloggers like to brag. Or at least politely point out when they are proven correct. This is especially true of sports bloggers, and perhaps baseball bloggers most of all. So I believe I’m in good company when I say, “Told you so!” In my last blog I predicted that the Cubs would win their eighth... Read more »

Cubs win home opener. Beat Reds and are 6-1 to begin season, x 2. 108 since 1908, part XIV.

“CUBS TAKE GAME BY CLEVER WORK” “Superior hitting, fast defensive tactics, and … obnoxious pitching … defeated the Reds,” wrote Charles Dryden of the Chicago Tribune about the Cubs’ 1908 home opener. Almost 108 years later the Cubs came from behind to win their 2016 home opener, also against the Reds. In 1908 the game was never... Read more »

Cubs blow it in the 9th. 3-1 to start the season, x 2. 108 since 1908, part XIII.

The Tribune described the essence of the Cubs’ fourth game of the season, picking up the story in the 9th inning. CUBS NOSED OUT 3-2 At the time of which we speak [the bottom of the 9th inning] the [score] was tied at two after much strenuous going on both sides, and the big crowd looked... Read more »