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Cubs brew up some offense en route to series victory

I always wonder about players who are traded to a lesser team; do they come to resent the team that traded them, or their new team, or even both? You’ll pretty much never hear a player admit it (“What do you think about being traded to the Pirates?” “It sucks. This is bullshit.”), but it... Read more »

And then there were two (regular starting pitchers left)

The baseball gods have struck again. According to a Tweet from Paul Sullivan, Matt Garza has been placed on the DL. He may only miss one more start since the Cubs can backdate his DL stint all the way to May 17.  Make it stop.

Cubs Week 4 awards: That sinking feeling

Why do we have that sinking feeling in our stomachs? Is it because the Cubs had such a damn good chance to tie it up in the ninth yesterday, but couldn’t quite get it done? Or maybe it’s because James Russell is going to get another freakin’ chance to make an opposing team look like... Read more »

Sam Fuld is better than Matt Garza

Garza’s still winless as a Cub, but he looked pretty good on Wednesday. Okay, I don’t actually believe that. But Fuld, little more than a throw-in in the deal for Matt Garza, had easily outperformed Garza through the first couple weeks of the season. The Cubs gave up three top-10 prospects along with catcher Robinson... Read more »