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The three most disappointing Cubs of 2011 (so far)

Why must Cubs players always underperform? From Nomar Garciaparra to Corey Patterson to Todd Hundley, Cubs prospects and acquisitions have consistently disappointed fans on the North Side over the years. Of course when they subsequently land on another team’s roster, they seem to suddenly find their way: Ryan Theriot is batting .300 with the Cardinals... Read more »

And on the third day of May, Dempster was reborn

As you might expect, I’ve been really frustrated with Ryan Dempster’s season so far. I mean, he only had two sacrifice bunts going into yesterday’s game. What is WRONG with him? He’s really been hurting the team with his lack of successful bunting. Thankfully, Dempster dropped down his third sacrifice of the season last night... Read more »

Power outage preventing Cubs surge

It’s quite clear that pitching is the main issue for the Cubs thus far. After all, when your Opening Day starter’s ERA is higher than the largest earthquake on record (9.58 ERA vs. 9.5 magnitude), you have a problem. But today, I want to take a look at a specific problem on the offensive side: power.... Read more »

My 2011 Cubs Love/Hate list

My 2011 Cubs Love/Hate list
Most baseball players go in and out of favor with fans as a season advances. With 162 games on the schedule, it’s inevitable that you’ll adore certain players at times and want nothing more than to see those same players sent to the minors just a few weeks later. Slumps and hot streaks in baseball,... Read more »

2011 Cubs Preview: Geovany Soto

Now when Soto shakes hands with Quade, it will be in the dugout. Geovany Soto needs to play a full season again. With under 110 games played each of the last two seasons (limited by both injuries and Lou Piniella), Soto’s power numbers the last two seasons slipped well below those of his phenomenal rookie... Read more »