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Preseason predictions update

The Cubs have played 81 games, meaning today marks the exact midpoint of the 2011 season. Seems like a perfect time to provide an update on some of our preseason predictions: Cubs wins Andrew 88 Brandon 82 Trevor 82 Andrew’s usually the pessimistic rational one when it comes to predicting wins, but his sanity got... Read more »

Preseason predictions update

There were a lot of preseason predictions made on this blog by myself and others, and after Mike Quade’s fiery ejection yesterday, I thought it might be time to provide an update on a couple of them. Mike Quade ejections: He now stands at two. I said three. Trevor Sierra two. Mandy Christol four. Brian... Read more »

2011 Cubs Season Preview: Part 2

Offense The Cubs were in the middle of the pack in nearly every offensive category last year, finishing 18th in the majors in runs scored. Changes include Pena replacing Lee and DeWitt/Baker/Barney replacing Theriot. Baseball Musings has the Cubs’ best lineup at 4.62 runs per game, which would have been good for 13th in the majors last... Read more »

2011 Cubs Season Preview: Part 1

Whether you can believe it or not, Opening Day is fast approaching. I’ve given you some player previews as well as a few statistical predictions, but we need a full season preview. What can we expect this year? Should we have hope?  First of all, a recap of my roster predictions: Outfield Reed Johnson: Nailed... Read more »

2011 Cubs Preview: Carlos Pena

The Cubs haven’t had a true left-handed, power-hitting stud in a while, at least not one that has stuck around. Jacque Jones hit 27 home runs in 2006, but that was his only good year as a Cub. Jeromy Burnitz had 24 the year before that in his only season as a Cub. Fred McGriff... Read more »

2011 Cubs Preview: Starlin Castro

Can Castro avoid the dreaded sophomore slump? Did you know that Starlin in Spanish means “One of the biggest reasons to be excited about the 2011 Cubs season”? Weird, I know, but true. Castro, who will turn 21 next week, is likely to be the youngest full-time starter in the majors come Opening Day. After... Read more »

2011 Cubs Preview: Marlon Byrd

Before we get started, I have to pat myself on the back for my Marlon Byrd predictions last year: Predicted: .287, 14 HR, 68 RBI Actual: .293, 12 HR, 66 RBI That’s damn close. My friend Trevor Sierra was close too: Predicted: .275, 16 HR, 75 RBI Byrd had a solid 2010 campaign, and even... Read more »

2011 Cubs predictions

For several years now, my good friends Andrew Kapral, Trevor Sierra and I have made several statistical predictions about each upcoming Cubs season. Since 2007, Andrew has won our little competition twice and tied another time, Trevor has tied once, and I’ve won once.  We always predict how many games the Cubs will win and... Read more »

2011 Cubs Preview: Aramis Ramirez

After posting an OBP below .300 for the first time since 2002, Ramirez probably won’t be on an SI cover any time soon. Whom do you want to talk about: first half of 2010 Aramis Ramirez or second half of 2010 Aramis Ramirez? Because they’re two different people. For example: after striking out 43 times... Read more »

2011 Cubs Preview: Geovany Soto

Now when Soto shakes hands with Quade, it will be in the dugout. Geovany Soto needs to play a full season again. With under 110 games played each of the last two seasons (limited by both injuries and Lou Piniella), Soto’s power numbers the last two seasons slipped well below those of his phenomenal rookie... Read more »