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Say, what's that Casey Coleman guy up to?

The Cubs refuse to give Casey Coleman a consistent shot here in this lost season (they trotted out 35-year-old Rodrigo Lopez again yesterday, curious to see if he could avoid sucking ass. He could not.), and I can’t help but wonder how he’s doing out there in Iowa. Let’s find out: After his most recent... Read more »

And another thing: Why the hell won't the Cubs start Casey Coleman?

Casey Coleman is what you’d call a prospect. He was drafted by the Cubs three years ago, just turned 24, and has shown flashes of talent in his nine starts this season. He may be a part of the Cubs’ future. Rodrigo Lopez is what you’d call a washed up  placeholder. He’s 35, has a... Read more »

Cubs Week 6 awards: How Castro got his groove back

Ryno of the Week: I don’t actually know how he did it, but Starlin Castro busted out of his slump in a BIG way this week. Quade dropped him to seventh in the order on Tuesday, and the sleeping giant immediately awoke. Two hits that night, four more the next, and a 12-for-20 week overall,... Read more »

Cubs fall to 1-4 in series vs. NL Central foes

I’ll admit it: I’m intimidated by the Cardinals. They always seem to get the clutch hit (they’re hitting .307 w/RISP). Their free agents actually work out, unlike the guys the Cubs sign (see: Berkman, Lance). And they’re just always, y’know, good–their worst season in the last decade was 2007 when they went 78-84.  So I... Read more »

Cubs' lack of depth becoming painfully clear

Cubs' lack of depth becoming painfully clear
We knew heading into the season that the Cubs didn’t have enough depth. What if Soto gets hurt? Or Byrd misses significant time? Or a starting pitcher goes down? Unfortunately, two starters found the DL just a week into the season. With both Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner missing time, the Cubs have now used... Read more »