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Cubs Week 18 Awards: Another good week, but Zambrano weak

Cubs Week 18 Awards: Another good week, but Zambrano weak
It’s official: the Cubs are firmly in the midst of an extended stretch of good baseball. While they slowed down a bit after their seven-game winning streak, they still managed to take two of three from the Nationals and followed that up with two of three from the Braves, including two in a row after... Read more »

Cubs Week 12 awards: So close!

First of all, happy birthday to my mom. She turns 29 again today, which is strange. 3-2 4-3 3-2 Those were the scores of the Cubs’ first three losses this week. This hasn’t been a huge problem all season–the Cubs were 9-10 in one-run games before the week began. But this week, they let a... Read more »

Cubs Week 9 awards: Success in 2011 just not in the cards

Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune After the sweep by the Astros, I said it was just a touch too early to declare the season over. Well, after another sweep, this time at the hands of the division-leading Cardinals, I think we can say the Cubs have put the finishing touches on a lost season.  It seems... Read more »

With offense rolling, Cubs take series from Mets

Z pitched well, but he hit even better: three hits, an RBI and a run scored. So far in 2011, the Mets have been just as disappointing as the Cubs. Johan Santana hasn’t thrown a pitch; David Wright is injured; Jason Bay is hitting .230; and Mike Pelfrey, who won 15 games last year, has... Read more »

Dempster not alone among Cubs' Opening Day starters to start slow

Morgan was designated the Opening Day starter in back-to-back years, and struggled out of the gate both times. In 1993, he went 1-4 through April with a 4.65 ERA and a 1.516 WHIP. He bounced back big-time in May with a 2.94 ERA. The following season, Morgan failed to win a game in April due to his 5.85 ERA. He went on to win just two of his 15 starts.
After Carlos Zambrano got the Opening Day nod six straight seasons, it was kind of a big deal–symbolically, at least–when Quade announced that Ryan Dempster would get the ball on the first day of the 2011 season. It certainly seemed reasonable–Dempster averaged 14 wins over the last three seasons, whereas Zambrano struggled mightily in several... Read more »

My 2011 Cubs Love/Hate list

My 2011 Cubs Love/Hate list
Most baseball players go in and out of favor with fans as a season advances. With 162 games on the schedule, it’s inevitable that you’ll adore certain players at times and want nothing more than to see those same players sent to the minors just a few weeks later. Slumps and hot streaks in baseball,... Read more »

More Cubs predictions

Last week I brought you a few predictions about the upcoming Cubs season, all of which were pretty basic–home runs, wins, etc. Today I have a few outside-the-box predictions, and I hope you’ll chime in with your predicted totals and a few unique predictions of your own. Total trips to the DL, Kerry Wood +... Read more »