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Cubs duo doubles home run pleasure

I remember watching Carlos Pena hit when he was with Tampa Bay, and I would marvel at the moonshots that would come rocketing off his bat. It always seemed impossible that the ball could avoid the very hittable roof at Tropicana Field. After a while, the ball would finally come down in the stands, quite... Read more »

Cubs pitchers stymie Reds to end losing streak

Aaaaaah. Let us bask in the glory of that two-word phrase we’ve so rarely been allowed to utter this season: Cubs win! So Cubs wins do exist, then. Like Santa and walking, talking M&M’s, I was starting to have my doubts. But Ryan Dempster went six strong innings to claim his fifth win of the... Read more »

And on the third day of May, Dempster was reborn

As you might expect, I’ve been really frustrated with Ryan Dempster’s season so far. I mean, he only had two sacrifice bunts going into yesterday’s game. What is WRONG with him? He’s really been hurting the team with his lack of successful bunting. Thankfully, Dempster dropped down his third sacrifice of the season last night... Read more »

FanGraphs asks: What's wrong with Carlos Pena?

You may be interested in FanGraphs’ analysis of Carlos Pena’s horrid start. Read it here. Scary tidbit: Going back to 2010, Pena has five home runs in his last 237 plate appearances.

Power outage preventing Cubs surge

It’s quite clear that pitching is the main issue for the Cubs thus far. After all, when your Opening Day starter’s ERA is higher than the largest earthquake on record (9.58 ERA vs. 9.5 magnitude), you have a problem. But today, I want to take a look at a specific problem on the offensive side: power.... Read more »

Cubs Week 3 awards: Consistently inconsistent

Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune It’s not that the Cubs are inconsistent due to their insistence on losing as many games as they win (another perfect 3-3 this week). Actually, that makes them pretty consistent. But it’s the ways they’re winning and losing that makes it hard to figure them out.  Neither Zambrano nor Garza allowed... Read more »

Spring training so far

Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune It can be difficult to keep tabs on exactly what’s going on out in Mesa, so I figured I’d provide a quick overview of the goings-on up to this point. Let’s get to it: Trying to play their way off the team: Carlos Silva, Koyie Hill If you thought three earned... Read more »

2011 Cubs Preview: Carlos Pena

The Cubs haven’t had a true left-handed, power-hitting stud in a while, at least not one that has stuck around. Jacque Jones hit 27 home runs in 2006, but that was his only good year as a Cub. Jeromy Burnitz had 24 the year before that in his only season as a Cub. Fred McGriff... Read more »