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In case you forgot, this is what a losing streak looks like

After putting together their first winning streak of the season against the hapless Astros, it was back to reality for the Cubs as they took on a solid Brewers team in Milwaukee. They went from one sweep to another as the offense managed just four runs in the three games, three of which were driven... Read more »

Cubs brew up some offense en route to series victory

I always wonder about players who are traded to a lesser team; do they come to resent the team that traded them, or their new team, or even both? You’ll pretty much never hear a player admit it (“What do you think about being traded to the Pirates?” “It sucks. This is bullshit.”), but it... Read more »

Home runs and comebacks and winning, oh my!

Hopefully Starlin Castro will have many more walk-off hits in his career. The Cubs trailed 3-0 in the seventh and 4-1 in the eighth, which meant, you know, the game was over. You see, dramatic comebacks aren’t what you’d call the Cubs’ “thing.” But a Soto homer, a Ramirez homer and a Castro walk-off hit... Read more »