Philadelphia Eagles declared Super Bowl champions after preseason victory

Philadelphia Eagles declared Super Bowl champions after preseason victory

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NEW YORK--NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell declared the Philadelphia Eagles winners of Super Bowl XLVI after their solid 28-7 preseason victory over the Carolina Panthers Saturday. While the move surprised some fans, most were prepared for it given all the crazy ass talent the Eagles signed after the lockout ended.

"This team did everything right," said Goodell in a postgame ceremony with about 600 people still in the stands. "To go out and sign Nnamdi Asomugha, AND add Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, PLUS Cullen Jenkins ... this is one of the best teams the NFL has ever seen. I can't recall handing the Lombardi Trophy to a more deserving recipient."

"It's been a long road and a lot of hard work," said head coach Andy Reid. "We had 8-10 practices, then all four quarters of this preseason game ... I'm getting a little emotional thinking back on it."

Players and coaches across the NFL praised the Eagles and admired their incredible season.

"They're the real deal," said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. "When they signed Vince Young just to back up Michael Vick, I was like, 'Do we really even have to play this entire season?' We could all sort of see the writing on the wall, you know? I think this was a great decision by Goodell. We had a nice few weeks of football, and I'm ready for another offseason. We all are."

Cowboys fans criticized the decision, pointing out that if given an entire 16-game season and postseason, Andy Reid would have inevitably found a way to fuck it all up.

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