Jim Hendry throws in the towel on throwing in the towel

Jim Hendry throws in the towel on throwing in the towel

I truly don't understand. Does Hendry feel that if the Cubs win 75 games instead of 70 this season that Tom Ricketts will think differently of him? Does he think big market teams like the Cubs shouldn't do what the Royals and the Pirates of the world often do this time of year, i.e. mortgage the next year or two in the hopes of acquiring talented prospects who can contribute down the road? Hendry:

"All you need is your young people to keep getting better and you make the right moves with the people (and) money that might be available, and why couldn't we be right back in it [in 2012]?"     - Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune

Say what? Hendry pointed to this year's Pirates as a prime example of the possibility of a quick turnaround. First of all, the Pirates are a fluke. Even if they somehow ride this magic carpet all the way to the playoffs, it's a fluke. But more importantly, it's ironic that Hendry is drawing comparisons to the Pirates by suggesting the downtrodden Cubs should stand pat when the Pirates got where they are today by piling up prospects, re-investing in the draft and going as young as possible. That's exactly what the Cubs refuse to do by hanging on to Ramirez (even though the Angels would have loved to have had him), Pena (Pirates inqiured), Byrd et al.

The second-worst team in the majors has a $135 million payroll and all they do at the deadline is move Kosuke Fukudome for two prospects? Hendry has had some good trade deadlines during his tenure, acquiring guys like Aramis Ramirez and Nomar Garciaparra. But like a canoe with one oar, apparently he can only go one direction. The Cubs had an opportunity to be sellers, for once, and while it's not pleasant, it's a dirty job and somebody's gotta do it. Apparently that somebody is not Jim Hendry.


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  • I'm feeling your frustration. Re-tooling and tinkering from year to year has gotten us nowhere. I'd just like to see the Cubs build from the ground up and be an organization that has a chance to compete every season without having to add band-aids every year.

    I do like what the Pirates did, however. They rebuilt with solid defense first and foremost, and while I don't think they're a juggernaut, they're closer than the Cubs to fielding a consistently competitive team. That could change when the Cubs start bring up guys like Brett Jackson and Matt Szczur, but for now it's embarrassing that they have outmaneuvered us with a payroll that's just a fraction of what ours is right now.

  • Yes, there's no doubt the Pirates have improved immensely and you're right that defense plays a big role in that turnaround. I think the Pirates are a bit of a mirage this year, though. They essentially have five starters who sucked last year and suddenly have 2.50 ERAs this year. But for Hendry to pretend that they are an example of why the Cubs should have stood pat at this year's trade deadline is absurd.

  • In reply to Brandon:

    Agreed. The Pirates have a philosophy toward building and they've installed that plan over time. Hendry has no semblance of a plan. He applies band-aids from one year to the next. It's an apples to oranges comparison by Hendry.

  • This post should be in the humor vault, because Hendry is a joke!

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