Cubs Week 17 Awards: Best. Week. Ever.

Cubs Week 17 Awards: Best. Week. Ever.

It wasn't really the best week ever, in the grand scheme of things. But as miserable as this season has been, a 6-1 week sure feels like the best week ever. Sort of like in the show Best Week Ever when someone like Andy Dick would win just because he didn't expose his genitals or lick anyone's face during that particular seven-day period.

What the hell is going on here? Seven wins in a row? It kind of gives me the creeps, like maybe the entire Cubs roster was kidnapped by aliens and now the aliens are wearing the players' flesh as a disguise and they're really good at baseball because they've had baseball on their planet for billions of years. Or maybe the entire season is just a terrible practical joke orchestrated by Tom Ricketts and the Cubs are going to keep winning and finish right around .500 and they'll all have a press conference the day after the season ends and go, "Gotcha! We were actually decent all along! Wasn't that HILARIOUS?"

During the Cubs' seven-game winning streak, the starting pitcher got the win in every game but one; Marmol got five saves after recording five in the previous 33 days; they had a six-homer game and a three-homer game, and had long balls from Colvin, Campana, Castro and Zambrano; they outscored their opponents 45-25 but also managed to win three one-run games ... my head just exploded.

It's not much, in the end. It's sort of like a phenomenal last meal after a decade rotting in prison, but just as that death row inmate savors every bite of his steak and every sip of his Cherry Coke, it was a great week for the otherwise left-for-dead Cubs.

Ryno of the Week: Wanna guess which Cub is first in the NL in hits, fifth in doubles, fourth in triples and 14th in runs scored? Yup, Starlin Castro. He was 17-for-33 (he had at least one hit in every game) with 10 runs scored (again, at least one every game) and seven RBI this week.

Honorable mention: Big Z, who went 2-0 with a 3.00 ERA and 11 strikeouts in 12 innings.

Goat of the Week: The only starter not to get a win during the winning streak was Rodrigo Lopez, as he gave up seven earned runs in four innings pitched. Casey Coleman had another good start in Iowa on Saturday ...

Dishonorable mention: Tyler Colvin, though even he had four hits including two home runs. Hopefully he can get back into a groove these last couple months.


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