Cubs Week 16 Awards: Honestly, I'm starting to feel like the Cubs may not make the playoffs

Cubs Week 16 Awards: Honestly, I'm starting to feel like the Cubs may not make the playoffs

It's painful. I mean, it hasn't actually been that painful since about early June when I gave up on the season and became numb to the daily embarrassments that came in the form of errors or bases loaded strikeouts, etc. But as I did some cleaning and reading on Saturday afternoon, I flipped on the Cubs game and was shocked when they scored five runs in the first, all with two outs. A 5-0 lead over the hated Cardinals! "This could actually be an enjoyable game!" I thought.

I knew a loss was still likely; the Cubs can blow a lead faster than Kobayashi can down a hot dog. But they were going to be in the game at the very least.

It was 5-2 before the first inning ended. Okay. Still, a three-run lead. And it remained that way into the fifth. The game was settling in, and you got the feeling it would end 6-5, or perhaps 7-6.

But no, the Cardinals put up eight runs in an inning that included:

  • Two walks that forced in runs
  • Two runs on a fielder's choice after Castro remained on the ground--not actually injured, mind you, just banged up--while Pujols moseyed home
  • An errant throw by Soriano which allowed a run to score as the ball dribbled down the third base line
  • Quade's fourth ejection of the year as he argued a correct call

Somehow, a leisurely afternoon Cubs game that I turned on without any actual hope or expectation still managed to frustrate me. Impressive.

This team is embarrassing, perhaps the most embarrassing Cubs team of my lifetime. They put together some talentless teams in the 90s and early part of this century, but this year's roster is one with a fair amount of talent but devoid of heart and common sense.

Whatever. The Bears' first game is September 11.

Ryno of the Week: I'm not sure why he didn't draw much trade interest, but Marlon Byrd had a good week, going 7-for-23 with four doubles. Only Reed Johnson has a higher average this season than Byrd's .313.

Honorable mention: Sean Marshall, who just continues to plug along. He had three scoreless appearances this week.

Goat of the Week: Whoa, what happened to the red hot Aramis Ramirez? A-Ram was just 1-for-21 this week.

Dishonorable mention: Carlos Pena, who was just 4-for-19 with six strikeouts.

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