Cubs off-day trivia answers: 2003 Cubs

Question 1: Who led the 2003 Cubs in stolen bases?

A) Corey Patterson (16)

B) Tom Goodwin (19)

C) Kenny Lofton (12)

D) Mark Grudzielanek (6)

Question 2: Which Cub hit two home runs in the Cubs' 12-3 NLCS Game 2 victory?

A) Alex Gonzalez

B) Sammy Sosa

C) Aramis Ramirez

D) Moises Alou

Question 3: Who was the Cubs' fifth starter in 2003?

Shawn Estes

Question 4: Who was the only Cub to bat over .300 in 2003?

A) Mark Grudzielanek .314

B) Corey Patterson .298

C) Ramon Martinez .283

D) Moises Alou .280

Question 5: True or False: Tim Lincecum was drafted by the Cubs in 2003 but did not sign.


Question 6: Which Cub DID NOT hit a home run in the Cubs' Game 7 NLCS loss to the Marlins?

A) Troy O'Leary

B) Kerry Wood

C) Sammy Sosa

D) Moises Alou

Question 7: Against which team did the Cubs sweep a doubleheader on Sept. 27 (the next-to-last day of the season) to clinch the division title?

Pittsburgh Pirates

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