Cubs off-day trivia: 2003 Cubs

Question 1: Who led the 2003 Cubs in stolen bases?

A) Corey Patterson

B) Tom Goodwin

C) Kenny Lofton

D) Mark Grudzielanek

Question 2: Which Cub hit two home runs in the Cubs' 12-3 NLCS Game 2 victory?

A) Alex Gonzalez

B) Sammy Sosa

C) Aramis Ramirez

D) Moises Alou

Question 3: Who was the Cubs' fifth starter in 2003?

Question 4: Who was the only Cub to bat over .300 in 2003?

A) Mark Grudzielanek

B) Corey Patterson

C) Ramon Martinez

D) Moises Alou

Question 5: True or False: Tim Lincecum was drafted by the Cubs in 2003 but did not sign.

Question 6: Which Cub DID NOT hit a home run in the Cubs' Game 7 NLCS loss to the Marlins?

A) Troy O'Leary

B) Kerry Wood

C) Sammy Sosa

D) Moises Alou

Question 7: Against which team did the Cubs sweep a doubleheader on Sept. 27 (the next-to-last day of the season) to clinch the division title?

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  • Okay...the ones I know off the top of my head are that Mark Grudzielanek hit over .300 that year, and that Tom Goodwin stole the most bases, I think. He seemed to steal a base every time he got on...should have put him among my all time fastest Cubs!

    And Lincecum was indeed drafted by the Cubs in something like the 48th round. He told teams he was absolutely going to college regardless of the offer. Although the way the Cubs spent money this year, you have to wonder if the Ricketts/Wilken team could have gotten that one done too!

    For some reason, I have blocked the 2003 playoffs from my memory. It's repressed somewhere in a deep, dark corner of my brain. Although I do remember Kerry Wood hitting a home run in Game 7.

  • This is going to be ugly...

    1) B
    2) C
    3) ????
    4) A
    5) True
    6) C
    7) Houston

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