Cubs go yaaaarrrrd six times, throttle Pirates 11-6

Man, Soriano and Soto are heating up just in time for the trade deadline!

Wait, what's that? Oh. Fuck.


The Pirates are finally showing their true colors, having lost seven of eight. Look, I'm on their bandwagon just like everyone else, but c'mon, they're right at .500. Rany Jazayerli put it best when he described them as "a house of cards built on quicksand in the center of a mirage." I certainly give them credit--the Pirates and their $45 million payroll were buyers at the deadline while the Cubs were (supposed to be) sellers, but their ship is sinking fast. While I'd love to see them pull out a division title, I must admit that part of me also wants to see them continue their record streak of losing seasons.


Starlin Castro is just three hits shy of the league lead (behind Jose Reyes), and could become the first Cub to lead the league in hits since Juan Pierre in 2004.


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  • On the bright side, Soriano will certainly pass through waivers so maybe the can stay hot long enough for the Cubs to foist him off on the Yankees...

  • You're right: the Cubs have just as good a chance to trade Soriano this month as they did last. Unfortunately, that's still probably not a very good chance ...

  • It's a huge longshot!

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