Why the hell won't the Cubs trade anyone?

Why the hell won't the Cubs trade anyone?
If the Cubs don't trade anyone this July, I'll be one angry elf.

The Cubs won't trade Jeff Baker.

Or Ryan Dempster.

They can't convince  Aramis Ramirez to waive his no-trade rights even though there are rumblings that he'd accept a trade 10 f'ing days later (though maybe we're getting closer on this one).

Rumor has it they want to keep Carlos Pena around because they love his clubhouse presence.

What's Jim Hendry doing? Trying to keep a 70-win team in tact for 2012 because the guys who comprise it are so damned lovable? Refusing to mortgage the next two months of the season because ... I don't know ... "it's how you finish that counts" or something?

From here, 2012 looks awfully gloomy. And doomy, for that matter. Will I somehow find a way to muster up a seedling of hope come March? Yes, yes I will. But not because Kosuke Fukudome is patrolling right field, or because the Cubs will have Carlos Pena at first base again and he can continue to launch home runs with no one on base.

It's difficult to admit that the Cubs are in a position typically reserved for the Pirates and the Royals of the world, but it is what it is. The action the Cubs can take at this point that would most excite me for the future would be to trade pretty much anyone who would shed future payroll or bring back significant young talent. Stockpile young stars, shoot for the moon in 2013. Even at Wait 'til this Year, we're ready to admit that this year is over. Are you, Jim Hendry?

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  • You finally identified the problem at the end.

    Jim Hendry.

    He tends to give out burdensome, hard-to-trade contracts.

    He tends to overvalue mediocre veterans.

    He tends to go from one futile "win now" effort to the next.

    His farm system has slipped from average to bad, with no stars in the pipeline. He needs to replenish that to give us a chance in the future, but that's not how he thinks or operates.

    He's the very last guy who should be sitting in the Cubs GM chair right now.

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    Hendry was given somewhere in the neighborhood of 135 million to invest in talent if anyone's personal stockbroker had the same record with stock picks for his portfolio no one not even Ricketts would employ that broker surely Ricketts understands that anology.

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