Strengths and Weaknesses: Prince Fielder

Strengths and Weaknesses: Prince Fielder

Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder leads the National League in RBI and is second in home runs. He's set to become a free agent when the season ends. Let's take a look at his strengths and weaknesses:


  • Success led Bill James to invent new statistic, Home Runs per Pound (HR/LB).
  • Married woman with last name "Fielder" and took her name, a significant improvement over birth surname "Error-maker."
  • Once ate just 250 calories at dinner. Once.
  • Best. Hugger. Ever.
  • For some reason, really knows his stuff when it comes to office supplies.


  • Has never successfully caught and eaten any of the sausages during Miller Park's Sausage Race, thought not for lack of effort.
  • Has never once said "Hello" to first base coach while running by on his way to second base.
  • Always uses the lame pun "Somethin's brewin'!" to teammates when a rally is underway. Super annoying.
  • No one else can fit properly into his giant-ass helmet when they lose theirs just before an at bat.
  • Once lent teammate Ryan Braun $10, was kind of a dick about getting it back.

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  • LOL..I think the strengths "outweigh" the weaknesses (rim shot, please)...

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