Cubs' trade candidates

There are lots of 'em. Let's get to it:

Aramis Ramirez

Why: Ramirez has turned it on of late, bringing back memories of his 25 HR second half last year. His contract is up after this year.

Road blocks: Ramirez says he'll block any trade. Derrek Lee said the same thing last year before agreeing to go to Atlanta. Also, there is some debate as to whether his $16 million option for 2012 vests if he's traded. Baseball-Reference says yes, Bruce Levine says no. Levine says there's a $2 million buyout on the option even if he's traded.

Potential suitors: Indians, Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Mariners, Pirates

Carlos Pena

Why: His contract is up this year (though he's owed $5 million next year on a backloaded contract), and he can provide a big left-handed bat as well as stellar defense at first.

Road blocks: Lack of potential suitors, lack of a decent replacement in Cubs' system.

Potential suitors: Diamondbacks, Angels, Yankees

Jeff Baker

Why: He makes just over $1 million, can play several positions and has batted at least .270 each of the last three seasons.

Road blocks: Could be someone the Cubs would like to keep around next year, especially if Ramirez and Fukudome are both gone.

Potential suitors: Phillies, Red Sox

Kosuke Fukudome

Why: His contract his up this year, he has a .378 OBP and an above average glove.

Road blocks: That pesky $13.5 million salary, plus a partial no trade clause. The Cubs would no doubt have to pay a portion of his remaining salary.

Potential suitors: Phillies, Indians, Giants, Mariners

Kerry Wood

Why: He's making a pittance and features a 2.63 ERA in 26 games.

Road blocks: Wood truly seems to want to stay in Chicago; do the Cubs want to ruin a feel good story?

Potential suitors: Yankees, Rangers, Phillies

Marlon Byrd

Why: The Cubs wouldn't mind opening up a spot for Brett Jackson to play every day come 2012. Byrd will command a reasonable $6.5 million salary next year and is batting .301.

Road blocks: He's coming off injury and has played just 47 games this year.

Potential suitors: Giants, Phillies, Indians, Mariners

Geovany Soto

Why: Cubs Den covered this nicely.

Road blocks: Over the last couple years, Soto hasn't displayed the pop he had as a rookie.

Potential suitors: Giants, Rays, Phillies, Red Sox, Rangers

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  • Nice list. I noticed you have absolutely no hope of pawning off Soriano! Neither do I, actually. Ramirez is suddenly interesting as Bruce Levine recently mentioned the Yankees may be interested in him as a DH down the stretch. I know Ramirez has said he wouldn't waive his ntc, but maybe a chance to play for the Yankees and a World Series run might change his mind?

    And thanks for the mention :)

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Chipper Jones just went on the DL too ...

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