Cubs Off-Day Trivia: Franchise Records

I'm going to experiment with a new idea I call Cubs Off-Day Trivia. It will consist of--stay with me here--trivia questions posted on Cubs off-days (or the day after an off-day, when there's no game to talk about). Leave your answers in the comments, and DON'T CHEAT. There are no prizes, so if you go out of your way to look up an answer, you're only cheating yourself. Or something.

This edition's theme is Cubs franchise records. Answers will be posted tomorrow.

Question 1: Which Cub holds the franchise record for the highest single-season batting average?

A) Rogers Hornsby

B) Phil Cavarretta

C) Heinie Zimmerman

D) Billy Williams

Question 2: Who is the Cubs' all-time leader in games won?

A) Fergie Jenkins

B) Mordecai Brown

C) Charlie Root

D) Hippo Vaughn

Question 3: Which Cub holds the franchise record for RBI in a single season?

A) Sammy Sosa

B) Hack Wilson

C) Rogers Hornsby

D) Ernie Banks

Question 4: What is the franchise record for fewest home runs allowed in a season (by the entire team)?

A) 42

B) 28

C) 13

D) 6

Question 5: Name two of the three Cubs players who have homered in five straight games.

Question 6: Which Cub holds the record for saves in a single season?

A) Rod Beck

B) Randy Myers

C) Bruce Sutter

D) Lee Smith

Question 7: Which Cub owns the longest hitting streak?

A) Mark Grace

B) Ron Santo

C) Glenn Beckert

D) Jerome Walton

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  • 1) D
    2) B
    3) A
    4) D
    5) Sammy Sosa and Moises Alou
    6) A
    7) A

    That was way too hard! Can't you ask some easier questions at the begining so that I can feel good about myself for a few minutes?

  • no idea

  • 1 e) none of the above ... several 19th century Cubs hit higher than Hornsby's .380.
    2 c) Root
    3 b) Wilson
    4 e) none of the above ... the 1878 Cubs only allowed 4 HRs
    5 Sandberg, Wilson, Sosa
    6 b) Myers
    7 e) none of the above ... Bill Dahlen's 42 game streak in 1894 easily tops Walton's 30. Dahlen, by the way, hit in 70 of 71 games in 1894.

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    Lewis, I'm impressed with your knowledge. I should have been more specific about these being modern era records (1900+), which are the records recognized by the organization.

  • D, B, A, B, Sammy Sosa and Ernie Banks (?), C, D.

    I think I flunked the quiz.

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