And another thing: Why the hell won't the Cubs start Casey Coleman?

Casey Coleman is what you'd call a prospect. He was drafted by the Cubs three years ago, just turned 24, and has shown flashes of talent in his nine starts this season. He may be a part of the Cubs' future.

Rodrigo Lopez is what you'd call a washed up  placeholder. He's 35, has a lifetime 4.81 ERA and an equally uninspiring 1.31 WHIP this season. He will not help the Cubs in the future.

So why oh why did Lopez just make his fifth start as a Cub on Monday while Casey Coleman languishes in Iowa? (6 IP, 2 ER, 0 BB, 4 K this past Saturday, in case you're wondering.) We fans have precious little left to care about this season (my favorite is seeing whether Castro can keep his average above .300 all year--he's flirted with .299 over the last couple weeks). It's certainly not the standings, and it's definitely not whether Zambrano ends up with eight wins or 10.

It's the young guys that matter now, and their development as we look toward the future. Casey Coleman! He's one of the young guys! At 700 games out of first, the Cubs have a perfect chance to provide some of their prospects with valuable major league playing time without threatening to destroy a playoff run. Let's figure out who we want on the 2012 train; you know, separate the wheat from the chaff and whatnot. Send Lopez on his way and give Coleman the ball every fifth day. The Cubs have nothing to lose but another game, and, really, at this point, so what?

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  • Agreed. The Cubs should at least see what they have in Coleman once he gets some steady starts. I can see him being a low cost bottom of the rotation starter.

    And while we're at it...I'm not sure Randy Wells is really a part of this team's future either. The Cubs should look at a few guys at Iowa. Nick Struck is tearing through the system. And a couple of prospects who are having rough years, Jay Jackson and Alberto Cabrera, have actually been pitching well of late. If not now, I'd like to see them start games when the roster expands in September. If the Cubs trade Zambrano, there could be 3 spots available late in the year and I'd like to see what these guys can do. If they can't cut it...that's fine. At least we'll know what we have.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    It scares me to think Randy Wells may not be part of the future, given that he was nearly the Rookie of the Year just two years ago. He certainly hasn't done anything impressive since then, though.

  • Wells' FIP was actually quite consistent through his first two seasons, but has dropped off significantly this year. He has hit a wall and seems to be struggling to get back on track. If we hold onto him, he has a chance to take a breather in the offseason and get back on track, combined with a defensive improvement, he could have a 3.5 ERA and 30 starts. However, if we get value in a trade, let him go.

    But I do really agree with letting Coleman start, having Ortiz on the team isn't doing anyone any favours.

    Rodrigo Lopez has been the big surprise and could actually bring some value in a trade...for someone.

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