Preseason predictions update

There were a lot of preseason predictions made on this blog by myself and others, and after Mike Quade's fiery ejection yesterday, I thought it might be time to provide an update on a couple of them.

quade ejection.jpg

Mike Quade ejections: He now stands at two.
I said three.
Trevor Sierra two.
Mandy Christol four.
Brian Brennan zero.
Andrew Kapral one.
Total trips to the DL, Kerry Wood + Alfonso Soriano + Aramis Ramirez: Two.
I thought it a good time to update us on this one since it seems like every Cub has spent time on the disabled list this year. To wit (in chronological order):
Andrew Cashner
Randy Wells
Geovany Soto
Marlon Byrd
Matt Garza
Reed Johnson
Jeff Baker
Alfonso Soriano
Kerry Wood
Darwin Barney is expected to land on the DL today
I predicted four for the Wood/Soriano/Ramirez combo, so I'm feeling pretty good.
Trevor two.
Mandy five.
Brian five.
Andrew three.

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