Preseason predictions update

The Cubs have played 81 games, meaning today marks the exact midpoint of the 2011 season. Seems like a perfect time to provide an update on some of our preseason predictions:

Cubs wins

Andrew 88

Brandon 82

Trevor 82

Andrew's usually the pessimistic rational one when it comes to predicting wins, but his sanity got away from him a little here. Methinks we're all going to be quite wrong on this one, though:

Cubs wins pace: 64

Zambrano wins

Trevor 16

Andrew 15

Brandon 13

Any of us could win this one. It's been an amazingly ho hum first half for Zambrano: he's posted a perfectly blah 4.38 ERA and hasn't had any blow-ups save the one time he called out the Cubs for their poor play.

Zambrano wins pace: 12

Soriano OBP

Trevor .333

Andrew .333

Brandon .319

Soriano has 14 walks on the season. Fourteen. The guy sees fewer strikes than the airline industry but has barely cracked double-digits in walks. While you were reading that last sentence Soriano swung and missed at two sliders in the dirt.

Soriano OBP: .315

Pena HR

Trevor 36

Brandon 34

Andrew 32

Pena adopted a strict "No hitting the ball over the wall" policy to begin the season--those balls are expensive!--and did not hit a single home run in April. He launched seven in May, though, and then posted the same total in June. I think this one will be close:

Pena HR pace: 34

Castro errors

Andrew 37

Brandon 20

Trevor 18

What were you thinking, Andrew? Thirty-seven errors? The guy's 21 years old, not 12. I mean I can't believe you would--

Castro errors pace: 32

Holy shit. Never mind.


Trevor 1.325

Andrew 1.30

Brandon 1.28

Kerry Wood's return to Chicago has been a little ... boring, don't you think? Probably has something to do with the fact that he's only thrown 24 innings. And also the fact that he's only picked up one win. Or it could be the whole "Cubs are the second-worst team in the majors so pretty much everything that happens is boring" thing.

Wood WHIP: 1.375

Silva starts

Andrew 26

Brandon 8

Trevor 3

Um, Trevor wins.

Byrd weighted runs created (wRC)

Andrew 89

Trevor 79.9

Brandon 78.2

This one's bullshit because Byrd has only played 44 games. Still, I'm totally gonna win.

Byrd wRC projection (if Byrd were to return immediately): 57.2

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