Home runs and comebacks and winning, oh my!


Hopefully Starlin Castro will have many more walk-off hits in his career.

The Cubs trailed 3-0 in the seventh and 4-1 in the eighth, which meant, you know, the game was over. You see, dramatic comebacks aren't what you'd call the Cubs' "thing." But a Soto homer, a Ramirez homer and a Castro walk-off hit later, the Cubs had their second straight win over what had been a surging Brewers team. Weird.

From the "Don't Get Too Excited, This Team Still Sucks" Department, the Cubs made three errors.
Congratulations to the Cubs' version of Chris Carpenter, who made his (relatively unexpected) major league debut.
Lastly: Seriously, LaTroy Hawkins is still playing baseball??! I guarantee you he's receiving Social Security checks. My dad once told me that his favorite pitcher growing up was LaTroy Hawkins. He's ... I'm saying he's old.

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