Cubs Week 10 awards: Cubs still not in last!


This week, even the Cubs' home runs were doubles.

It was another piss poor week for the Cubs as they went 2-5. First the Reds made them blue by taking the first two in that series, then they got their Phil of the league's best team, losing three of four in Philadelphia. There are only two positive things one can take from yet another bad week of baseball: one is stated in the headline--thanks, Astros!--and the other is that in this particular week, the Cubs were at least playing quality baseball teams. 
It's worth noting that if the Cubs slip behind the Astros--and they're just two games away from doing so--they will not only be the worst team in the Central, but also the worst team in the National League. It's especially worth noting in light of MLB's proposed realignment which would create two 15-team leagues, eliminate divisions altogether, and see the top five teams from each league make the postseason.
This change would presumably eliminate the so-called unbalanced schedule, result in constant interleague play (even if it's just two teams at a time), and create the only major sports league with no divisions. My immediate reaction is almost entirely negative. I don't want to see the number of playoff teams increased and I hate the idea of eliminating divisions. I'm not completely opposed to teams branching out to play a wider variety of opponents and balancing out the schedule a bit more. This proposal--which is coming mostly from the players' union, by the way--is in the very early stages, so we'll have to wait and see whether it gains momentum.

Ryno of the Week: There isn't much to choose from this week, but Blake DeWitt has made the most of his opportunity with all the Cubs injuries. He went 10-for-29 this week including three doubles, and added three runs and an RBI. DeWitt has played second, third and left for Quade this season and has raised his average to .289. Keep in mind that he's just 25 years old and, while he's arb-eligible next year, he won't be a true free agent until 2015. He hasn't thus far provided a huge return on the Ted Lilly/Ryan Theriot trade, but the Cubs wanted him for a reason and it'd be nice to see him continue this pace as the season moves on.

Honorable mention: James Russell, who did not allow an earned run in three appearances, and has slowly chipped away at an ERA that once stood at 9.82 (it's now 5.40).
Goat of the Week: So I guess we're just stuck with Doug Davis until Andrew Cashner possibly comes back? Davis had a decent start yesterday, allowing two earned runs in five innings, but he has now made six starts, exactly one of which has been a quality start. He has 18 walks in 29 innings pitched.
Dishonorable mention: Geovany Soto, who went 4-for-20 with six strikeouts. He definitely gets some credit for his game-tying home run in the ninth on Thursday, but his .309 OBP is atrocious.


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  • I guess at this point I'm just cheering for the Brewers to keep the Cards out of 1st place.

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