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Preseason predictions update

The Cubs have played 81 games, meaning today marks the exact midpoint of the 2011 season. Seems like a perfect time to provide an update on some of our preseason predictions: Cubs wins Andrew 88 Brandon 82 Trevor 82 Andrew’s usually the pessimistic rational one when it comes to predicting wins, but his sanity got... Read more »

Cubs duo doubles home run pleasure

I remember watching Carlos Pena hit when he was with Tampa Bay, and I would marvel at the moonshots that would come rocketing off his bat. It always seemed impossible that the ball could avoid the very hittable roof at Tropicana Field. After a while, the ball would finally come down in the stands, quite... Read more »

Cubs Week 12 awards: So close!

First of all, happy birthday to my mom. She turns 29 again today, which is strange. 3-2 4-3 3-2 Those were the scores of the Cubs’ first three losses this week. This hasn’t been a huge problem all season–the Cubs were 9-10 in one-run games before the week began. But this week, they let a... Read more »

The three most disappointing Cubs of 2011 (so far)

Why must Cubs players always underperform? From Nomar Garciaparra to Corey Patterson to Todd Hundley, Cubs prospects and acquisitions have consistently disappointed fans on the North Side over the years. Of course when they subsequently land on another team’s roster, they seem to suddenly find their way: Ryan Theriot is batting .300 with the Cardinals... Read more »

Starlin Castro's career off to historic start

Starlin Castro finished fifth in the Rookie of the Year vote last year, so we know he handled the jump to the majors well. His current .318 average ranks fifth in the NL, so we know he’s having a strong sophomore campaign too. But if we look back throughout baseball history, we find that Castro’s... Read more »

Cubs brew up some offense en route to series victory

I always wonder about players who are traded to a lesser team; do they come to resent the team that traded them, or their new team, or even both? You’ll pretty much never hear a player admit it (“What do you think about being traded to the Pirates?” “It sucks. This is bullshit.”), but it... Read more »

Preseason predictions update

There were a lot of preseason predictions made on this blog by myself and others, and after Mike Quade’s fiery ejection yesterday, I thought it might be time to provide an update on a couple of them. Mike Quade ejections: He now stands at two. I said three. Trevor Sierra two. Mandy Christol four. Brian... Read more »

Home runs and comebacks and winning, oh my!

Hopefully Starlin Castro will have many more walk-off hits in his career. The Cubs trailed 3-0 in the seventh and 4-1 in the eighth, which meant, you know, the game was over. You see, dramatic comebacks aren’t what you’d call the Cubs’ “thing.” But a Soto homer, a Ramirez homer and a Castro walk-off hit... Read more »

Cubs Week 11 awards: Cubs play good teams, good baseball

It’s okay, Starlin–you’re the Ryno of the Week! To find the last time the Cubs had a winning stretch from Monday-Sunday, you have to go back to the month of Ma … er, Apr … um (flips calendar) … 2010. That’s right, the Cubs had not surpassed .500 in a week this entire season until... Read more »

Humor Vault Headlines

Jason Kidd surprised to learn that NBA Championship Trophy made of lightweight paper, Scotch tape Friends, family concerned about Ozzie Guillen after grammatically correct, curse-free Tweet Shaq “always thought free throws were only worth half a point,” now sees why everyone wanted him to practice them so much