Cubs fall to 1-4 in series vs. NL Central foes

I'll admit it: I'm intimidated by the Cardinals. They always seem to get the clutch hit (they're hitting .307 w/RISP). Their free agents actually work out, unlike the guys the Cubs sign (see: Berkman, Lance). And they're just always, y'know, good--their worst season in the last decade was 2007 when they went 78-84. 
So I was surprised to see how much success the Cubs have had against them in the last six years:

2010: 9-6 

2009: 6-10
2008: 9-6
2007: 11-5
2006: 11-8
2005: 10-6
Total: 56-41
I knew a couple of those years were good, but jeez--only one losing season against their rivals? So I guess I should be surprised about the Cards' series victory at Wrigley, but I'm not.

One of the other frustrating aspects about the Cardinals is that they always seem to bring up no-name players who proceed to dominate the league. Thursday's starter, Jaime Garcia, is a perfect example. Garcia came out of nowhere last year to win 13 games with a 2.70 ERA, and he's off to a 5-0 start this year with a paltry 1.89 ERA. Kyle McClellan (who??) has an identical 5-0 record. Absurd.

All I will say about Casey Coleman's start are two things: You absolutely cannot succeed in the majors when you throw as many balls as strikes, which he did yesterday (41 of each), and hurry back, Wells and Cashner, PLEASE.

And my final note: It's time to send Tyler Colvin down to the minors. With just seven hits in 61 at-bats this season, he looks like a minor leaguer. I still have hope for him, but he needs to regain some confidence and the Cubs need someone on the roster who can actually contribute.

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