So. Much. Rain.

From Tom Skilling, via Bleed Cubbie Blue:
April 2011 has produced 16 days of measurable rain---55 percent more than normal and the greatest number of measurably rainy April days here in the 50 years since 1961! A scan of Aprils back to 1871 indicates the opening 28 days of the month typically sees 11 measurable rains. 

God's been cursing the Cubs for over 100 years; now it just seems like he doesn't even want them to play anymore. Chicago: The Seattle of the Midwest!

I was planning to write a game recap, but instead we'll play around with a few statistics. The Cubs are 14 percent of the way through the season, by the way.
  • This one's courtesy of Brian Brennan: With seven errors already, Starlin Castro is on pace for 50 this season. That would blow away even our most pessimistic of predictions, which was 37.
  • Carlos Zambrano has a higher OPS than Carlos Pena and Koyie Hill combined.
  • Kosuke Fukudome is 12 plate appearances shy of qualifying to be counted among the league leaders, but otherwise he'd be blowing away the field with his .458 average.
  • The Cubs have the second-most hits in the majors, but are 19th in runs. The problems? Clutch hitting (.231 w/RISP) and home runs (24th in the majors).
  • The White Sox have been hit by 15 pitches, the Cubs just three.
  • Starlin Castro has more hits than the combined total of Pena, Colvin, Hill, DeWitt and Johnson. He also has as many triples (2) as the rest of the roster combined.
  • Dempster has allowed eight home runs in five starts. In 2008, he allowed 14 in 33 starts.
Prior to Monday, the Cubs had won 11 of 12 games against Colorado at Wrigley. So after allowing the Rockies to reverse that trend, the Cubs will try to do their own trend-reversing as they head to Arizona, where they are 18-29 all-time, not counting their two losses in the 2007 NLDS. Perhaps this spell is already broken, though: the Cubs did sweep the D'Backs in Arizona last July. 

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  • At least when the games rain out, the cubs don't put up a loss...that is until the game is made up.

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