Out of left field: Interesting news and notes from around baseball

  • Only four pitchers have at least four wins already, and two of them play for the Angels: Jered Weaver is 5-0 with a 1.23 ERA, while Dan Haren is 4-0 with a 1.16 ERA.
  • The Reds have almost doubled the offensive output of the Twins: 107 runs for Cincy, just 57 for Minnesota.
  • Oakland--my preseason pick to win the West--has a ridiculous 2.52 staff ERA, best in the majors. All five of their starters have an ERA of three or under. Then again, the Red Sox, my AL World Series pick, has an AL-worst 5.16 ERA.
  • The last-place Astros are just three games out of first, making the NL Central baseball's tightest division at this point.
  • The Rockies, who are typically known for their unique home field advantage, are 7-1 on the road.
  • Of the seven AL players with 5+ home runs, three are Yankees: Teixeira, Granderson and Posada.
  • The A's have already made 20 errors this season--the major league average is 12.
  • Cleveland and Kansas City, who are currently first and second in the AL Central, are averaging under 17,000 fans per game. No team has averaged under 17,000 for a season since the Marlins in 2008. 

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  • How this for an interesting news and note:

    The phrase "out of left field" originated here in Chicago. Back in the day, I'm not totally sure of how long ago, UIC used to have a baseball team. Just past the left field wall was an insane asylum. Occasionally inmates or patients or whatever would escape and wander through left field. Hence when something is crazy it's deemed as being "Out of left field."

    True story. I didn't believe it myself until I went to UIC and saw the plaque commerating the origin of that phrase. Learn something new everyday huh?

  • Wow, thanks Andy! This Wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left_fielder#Out_of_left_field)
    lists four theories for the phrase's origin, but the one you mentioned seems the most likely. Plus, since it relates to Chicago, I'm definitely going to assume that it's true!

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