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So. Much. Rain.

From Tom Skilling, via Bleed Cubbie Blue: April 2011 has produced 16 days of measurable rain—55 percent more than normal and the greatest number of measurably rainy April days here in the 50 years since 1961! A scan of Aprils back to 1871 indicates the opening 28 days of the month typically sees 11 measurable... Read more »

Cubs Week 4 awards: That sinking feeling

Why do we have that sinking feeling in our stomachs? Is it because the Cubs had such a damn good chance to tie it up in the ninth yesterday, but couldn’t quite get it done? Or maybe it’s because James Russell is going to get another freakin’ chance to make an opposing team look like... Read more »

Tyler Hansbrough closes mouth for a split second, dies

From the Wait ’til this Year Humor Vault INDIANAPOLIS–In a shocking development out of the NBA, Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough died suddenly on Thursday after closing his mouth for the first time in his life. Ever since the start of his successful career at the University of North Carolina, fans, teammates and opponents wondered... Read more »

Cubs' lack of depth becoming painfully clear

Cubs' lack of depth becoming painfully clear
We knew heading into the season that the Cubs didn’t have enough depth. What if Soto gets hurt? Or Byrd misses significant time? Or a starting pitcher goes down? Unfortunately, two starters found the DL just a week into the season. With both Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner missing time, the Cubs have now used... Read more »

Power outage preventing Cubs surge

It’s quite clear that pitching is the main issue for the Cubs thus far. After all, when your Opening Day starter’s ERA is higher than the largest earthquake on record (9.58 ERA vs. 9.5 magnitude), you have a problem. But today, I want to take a look at a specific problem on the offensive side: power.... Read more »

Cubs Week 3 awards: Consistently inconsistent

Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune It’s not that the Cubs are inconsistent due to their insistence on losing as many games as they win (another perfect 3-3 this week). Actually, that makes them pretty consistent. But it’s the ways they’re winning and losing that makes it hard to figure them out.  Neither Zambrano nor Garza allowed... Read more »

Game 2, in haiku

Russell went just four. Bad news since Wells and Cashner are still weeks away.

Sam Fuld is better than Matt Garza

Garza’s still winless as a Cub, but he looked pretty good on Wednesday. Okay, I don’t actually believe that. But Fuld, little more than a throw-in in the deal for Matt Garza, had easily outperformed Garza through the first couple weeks of the season. The Cubs gave up three top-10 prospects along with catcher Robinson... Read more »

With apologies to Jack Buck, I don't believe what I just saw

My sister Mandy texted me last night and made a very valid point. There was an event in Saturday’s Cubs game that pretty much requires a blog post, if not a ticker tape parade and a nationally televised speech by Barack Obama. Koyie Fucking Hill got a fucking hit. The end.

Carolina Panthers take QB with all eight draft picks

From the Wait ’til this Year Humor Vault “WAAAAAA!” cries Jimmy Clausen, who, according to several sources, is terrible at football. NEW YORK–In an unprecedented move, the Carolina Panthers selected a quarterback with each and every one of their eight draft picks. After accomplishing the unthinkable in 2010–somehow managing to make fans long for the... Read more »