Taking a look at the Cubs' 2011 schedule

It's not very often the Cubs get to play Opening Day at home, so I hope you had the chance to enjoy watching the Cubs open their 2011 campaign in the Chilly Confines, where the bricks were sans ivy and hot chocolate sales probably rivaled those of ice cold beer. (Okay, probably not.)

But other than a Wrigley opener and the chance to play their first two series against likely bottom-feeders, what else does this season's schedule have in store? Let's take a look:
Easiest month: April

Always hard to know for sure, of course, since we can't yet be sure which teams will be good and which will struggle. But this month, the Cubs will face four of 2010's six worst NL teams (Pittsburgh, Arizona, Houston and Milwaukee), including Arizona twice. The only April opponents who had a winning record in 2010 are the Rockies (whom they also face twice) and the Padres. If the Cubs can't pile up a few wins in April, well ...
Most difficult month: June

How about a 10-game road trip to St. Louis, Cincinnati and Philadelphia? How would you like that? Is that what you want? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? No. No, it's not what we want. That sounds awful. Throw in the White Sox, Yankees and Giants, and you've got yourself one shitty twelfth of the year.
Longest stretch with no off-day (barring rainouts/double headers): 20 days

Oh, did I forget to mention that that 10-game road trip is the start of a 20-day stretch with no off-days? 

A trip to Fenway and a visit from the Yanks

The Cubs have not traveled to Fenway since the 1918 World Series.
The Cubs last hosted the Yankees in June of 2003. The Yankees took the first game and the Cubs the second, and then the Cubs held on for an 8-7 win in the rubber game. The winning pitcher in that game is now in the Yankees organization; have any idea who that is? Click here to find out.

Games on bullshit WCIU: 8

April 15 
April 18
May 16
June 6
July 18
September 7
September 14
September 28 (final day of season)
Are you fucking serious? The last game of the season is on WCIU? Whoever made this decision should be fired, or at least set on fire. WCIU is the Devil's channel. Right now on their website they have a contest where you can vote for your favorite dog. And that's not even the worst picture gallery they have on there--there's also one called the "Happy Hair Baby Gallery." Did you know WCIU airs both the Jerry Springer Show and the Steve Wilkos Show, plus an hour of Cheaters every weekday? The Cubs should forfeit all eight games scheduled to air on WCIU. Fuck U, WCIU.

A six-game road trip to end it, including three in St. Louis

Opening Day at home usually means Closing Day on the road. With the new schedule, the Cubs will finish the regular season on a Wednesday, and they'll do so in San Diego. 

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  • Sounds like WCIU is more fit to the Sox games, given their "bring your dog to the park" promotion.

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