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Last week I brought you a few predictions about the upcoming Cubs season, all of which were pretty basic--home runs, wins, etc. Today I have a few outside-the-box predictions, and I hope you'll chime in with your predicted totals and a few unique predictions of your own.

Total trips to the DL, Kerry Wood + Alfonso Soriano + Aramis Ramirez: 4
Mike Quade ejections: 3
(I had to think about that one a little longer after seeing the fire in Quade's belly when he responded to Carlos Silva: "First of all, he's dead (bleeping) wrong about my pitching coach and I have no (bleeping) time for that," he told reporters. Nice.)

Zambrano public apologies (courtesy of Trevor Sierra): over/under 0.5    I'll go under.

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  • DL Trips: 2
    Quade Ejections: 2
    Over on the apologies

    How many All-Stars do you think the Cubs will have? I'm going to go with 1.

  • Ooh, I like that one. We definitely don't have many All-Star types on the roster, so I'll agree with 1. I'd probably go zero if not for the stupid rule guaranteeing every team one ...

  • How about brawls? Number of intra-team brawls + inter-team brawls. Bonus points if you pick the team the Cubs will fight.

    I'm going to predict a more disciplined team and go with 0 on both counts.

  • DL Trips - 5. I think you left out the strained/pulled back from the sneeze or something.
    Quade ejections - I will throw 4 out there because nobody else did.
    Over on the apologies.
    going to agree on the 1 all star anybody care to guess who it may be? I will say Marmol.
    and we play the sox (puke), cardinals (double puke), and brewers so I will call 1 brawl against one of the above. Probably will happen during a Zambrano start and will result in 1 ejection and an apology!

  • Hm, I'll say the Cubs will have one brawl, but it will be against the Reds.

    And I'll go with Dempster as the Cubs' lone All-Star.

  • I will take a crack at these.

    Unfortunately I think at least one Zambrano melt down will result in a dugout brawl and a formal public apology. So I'll take the over for apologies and 1 on the total number of brawls.

    This is going to be a DL heavy year for a aformentioned cast. I will agree with Mandy and take 5.

    Quade will keep his cool this year and fail to get ejected from a single game.

  • DL Trips: 3
    Quade Ejections: 1
    Under on apologies
    1 intra-brawl : 0 inter-brawls
    2 All-stars (Dempster and Castro)

  • This may just be silly, but how about games at Wrigley with the wind blowing out?

  • Oops! I forgot about the all stars. I predict two all stars this year. Ramirez and Marmol. Yes, you heard it here first, Ramirez is going to have one hell of a contract year.

    Wind blowing out: 27 games (but how the hell do we look that stat up at the end of the year?)

  • I think I found it!
    Looks like the wind blew out 27 times last year, in 41 times, and there was a crosswind 13 times.

    I think summer will be a little hotter this year, so I'll go with 30 times.

  • I like to disagree with Brandon, so I'm going with 25.

  • I will go high with 34.

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