Koyie Hill is terrible and Welington Castillo is not

After another 0-for-3 performance yesterday, Koyie Fucking Hill is batting .037 this spring. He has a grand total of one hit in 27 at-bats, and has walked once. I apologize for even subjecting you to those statistics; typing them made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

Welington Castillo, a 23-year-old catching prospect who batted .300 during his cup of coffee last year (seven games), has been scorching hot. A 1-for-2 day yesterday lowered his average to .706. 
And of course it's not just about the spring. Hill batted .214 last year and threw out 18 percent of attempted base-stealers, which is god-awful. I don't think baseball is really his thing. Hopefully Quade will tell him to "Look over there!" just as the rest of the team boards the plane to Chicago for Opening Day and Hill will be stuck in Arizona, take the hint and retire. He's set to make just $700,000 this season, so it wouldn't cost the team much to cut ties with him. 

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  • I'd love to see Castillo make this team. He's definitely earned it. This was supposed to be an easy decision. Keep Hill and send Castillo to AAA Iowa but Castillo's improvement at the plate is making things tough. I think he still gets sent down just because they can do that without losing him.

    What do you think of the other guy, Max Ramirez? He's also outhitting Hill by a mile (who isn't these days?) but the Cubs can't send him to AAA without putting him through waivers first -- so if he doesn't make the team, they'll probably lose him.

  • Ramirez has bounced around the majors quite a bit. He was once a highly regarded prospect, but hasn't done much in the last 4 or 5 years. Frankly, I'd rather see either him or Castillo get a shot over another year of Hill.

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