Cashner cashes in on Silva's struggles

After Carlos Silva posted a very strong start on Wednesday, it looked like Andrew Cashner's outing today would determine the Cubs' fifth starter. But before Cashner even took the mound, it was announced that he had won the war without having to fight the final battle. 
According to a tweet from Carrie Muskat, the Cubs will attempt to trade Silva but otherwise encourage him to consider heading to the minors so that he can provide some insurance. 
Cashner was drafted by the Cubs in the first round in 2008. Last June I took a closer look at his minor league history and the pitches in his arsenal. 
It's always scary to have (essentially) a rookie in your rotation, but I suppose it's equally scary to have an overpaid, overweight, looks-like-his-career-might-be-over veteran.

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  • Looks like the Cubs were going to give this to Cashner all along...the "opening" was probably only there to drum up some interest in Silva -- or as a fallback if Cashner faltered. Great move by the Cubs. Now we'll have to wait and see what happens with Silva.

  • I certainly don't mind it, though Cashner is not exactly inspiring confidence today! (5 runs in the first)

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