2011 MLB Predictions

NL East

They almost made it to the World Series in 2010 and now they have Cliff Lee ... again. Getting really sick of them ...
NL West
The NL West is always crazy, but the Giants return Lincecum, Cain, Brian Wilson, et al. I'm still not sure how they score any runs, but Bruce Bochy knows what he's doing. 
NL Wild Card
Jason Heyward lived up to the hype last year, finishing second in Rookie of the Year voting. Now they've added 21-year-old first base phenom Freddie Freeman (great name). With Derek Lowe and Tim Hudson at the front of their rotation, there's no reason they can't compete again this year, even under a new manager for the first time in 21 years.
NL Playoffs
Phillies over Giants
Braves over Brewers
Phillies over Braves
Surprise-ish team
They have a heckuva lineup and a solid staff. They would have been better last year had they not lost their last eight games.
Real surprise team
Based on last year's results, this prediction pretty much has to come from one of the following teams:
Their bullpen can't possibly be as bad as last year (5.74 ERA), and they've got some pop in their lineup with guys like Chris Young and Kelly Johnson. Starter Daniel Hudson was 8-2 with a 2.45 ERA last year after being acquired from the White Sox in the Edwin Jackson trade.
AL Central
Morneau didn't play after July 7 last year and closer Joe Nathan never played at all, yet they still won the division. If they stay healthy, I trust Gardenhire to find a way once again.
AL East
Red Sox
They won 89 games last year despite a plethora of injures, then added Carl Crawford and Alex Gonzalez in the offseason. This division's a beast, but they're due--can you believe they haven't won it since 2007?
AL West
The Rangers lost Cliff Lee, and I'm not sure their pitching staff can repeat their surprise performance from a year ago. The A's have a nice young pitching staff and added some bullpen arms in the offseason. This division's a crapshoot.
AL Wild Card
I hate to do it, but while their rotation has big question marks, they have a lights out bullpen and an offense that makes opposing pitchers lose sleep. 
AL playoffs
Red Sox over Twins
Yankees over A's
Red Sox over Yankees
Surprise-ish team
Detroit is solid in all phases, has an MVP candidate in Miguel Cabrera, and added Victor Martinez in the offseason.
Real surprise team
The candidates:
They added Derrek Lee, Vlad Guerrero and Mark Reynolds, plus manager Buck Showalter, who led them to a 34-23 record after taking over last August. 
World Series
Phillies over Red Sox
What do you think? Too predictable? Have a better prediction?

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  • Here are my predictions...

    NL East: Phillies
    NL Central: Reds
    NL West: Padres
    NL Wild Card: GIants

    AL East: Red Sox
    AL Central: Tigers
    AL West: Rangers
    AL Wild Card: Rays

    NL Playoffs
    Phillies Over Giants in 4 games
    Reds Over Padres in a sweep
    Reds Over Phillies in 7 games

    AL Playoffs
    Red Sox Over Tigers in sweep
    Rangers Over Rays in 5 games
    Red Sox Over Rangers in 5 games

    World Series
    Red Sox over the Reds in 6 at home

    Surprise team: Baltimore with 84 wins
    Other Surprise: Cardinals take 5th in the NL Central

    There you have it folks. You can take that to Vegas!

  • Ok, so I made these predictions on paper on Opening Day and forgot to post them. You should be able to determine their authenticity by the crappiness of my picks and the overwhelming presence of favorites.

    NL: Phillies, Brewers, Giants, wildcard to the Dodgers
    AL: Red Sox, Twins, Rangers, wildcard to the Yankees

    World Series: Phillies over the Red Sox

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