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Absentee Representation For the 2nd Congressional District

Absentee Representation For the 2nd Congressional District
With less than a week until election day, the ongoing saga of 2nd Congressional District is something worthy of a BET reality show and just plain disrespectful to all of his constituents, the people of the 2nd District and anyone else with a brain in the state of Ilinois. But I have some insight on... Read more »

Another Mediocre Chicago Sports Team Goes to Bed Early

I just finished watching the Chicago Blackhawks finish another underwhelming season. Its that typical Chicago sports, hey “we tried hard” kind of year. But you know that attitude doesn’t fly in real sports cities like New York, Boston & Phildephia where championships are expected and not once in a generation and revered ad nasuem. This... Read more »

Happy Birthday Chicago

Sunday March 4th is the City of Chicago’s birthday, so I will talk a little (or a lot), of my long time love affair with my hometown. I was born at the Lying-In hospital within the University of Chicago Medical Center in Hyde Park and that’s where I’ll start this soliloquy. Few things are sweeter... Read more »