The Life Of Brother Rice High School's Coach Will Kellogg

The Life Of Brother Rice High School's Coach Will Kellogg

I heard this morning that longtime Brother Rice teacher and Coach Will Kellogg has passed. I knew Coach Kellogg in his later years at Rice as a gym teacher. I had no idea of all of his hard work and dedication when I was in his freshman gym class because he was as humble a man that you could meet.

Very much like another late, great Brother Rice man, Coach Mitchell, Coach Kellogg was a quiet but confident man whom when he spoke you listened and you did what he said.

As you can imagine, freshman gym class at an all-boys high school might be chaotic, not when Coach Kellogg had it. We had fun, we got our exercise in and he meant business. Now that’s a quintessential educator, to achieve all of that and he rarely yelled.

I come from a family of educators and Coach Kellogg was one of the first classes I had at Brother Rice and he set the tone for my time there, he also set the bar high for the other teachers.

When I look at the work Coach Kellogg did at Rice you wonder when the man slept. He coached basketball for over 30 years, was the athletic director for over 25 years and outside of school raised a family of seven children.

I work one job and have one child and I’m just in awe of how he achieved that. But I do know how, he was simply a great guy.

My only class with him was that gym class but I had plenty of good memories, I mean its gym class so there were sports or activities you might not be crazy about.
Coach Kellogg explained the rules once, you followed them, you had fun, end of story.

Now over 25 years later since the gym class, I appreciate his leadership, he lived the Brother Rice motto of “Act Manfully in Christ Jesus”.

But he wasn’t a yelling coach or teacher, no need for foul language, you gave him respect because he gave you respect.

He always spoke or nodded in the hallways (which can be chaotic), and he just had this aura about him. He was confident without being cocky and a man’s man without having to prove it all the time.

You knew Coach Kellogg a serious but very approachable. Most gym classes he stood on the side, arms folded, whistle around his neck, just watching everything.

When you are at a school like Brother Rice you don’t realize how the teachers and coaches prepare you for life and more so how that many good people are rarely under one roof once you hit “the real world”.

All day since I heard of Coach Kellogg’s passing, I’ve thought about that gym class. I’m almost 40 years old and having happy memories of high school gym class. For some people high school gym class is terrifying, for other not noteworthy at all.

But I remember my gym class because of the honorable man that taught and moderated it, his service to Brother Rice and his great leadership will be missed but not forgotten.

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