The First 10 Days Of Fatherhood

The First 10 Days Of Fatherhood

So I'm now over a week into fatherhood and as you can guess its humbling.

Humbling that God has granted my wife and I a healthy little baby boy, humbling that sometimes he cries uncontrollably and all I can do is hold him in my arms and keep my cool.

Humbling that our families are so receptive of him and people have been so kind and generous.

Humbling that we must teach and prepare this little guy for the world and humbling that he teaches us everyday too. I have learned more about seeing "the small things", appreciating not so small details like sunshine, naps, hugs and smiles.

But most of all is humbling that we must find the balance to live our lives while taking care of him.

Fatherhood is nothing that I expected but also so much more, more in the love that I didn't know I had, more in that so much of my late father is in my son physically and personality.

More in that my father is coming out more in me, as I protect and seek to prepare my son for the world and in dealing with people.

Its funny I have more patience for my son but much less patience now for other people and their bs, especially when it comes to my son.

One of the biggest challenges will be containing my emotions good and bad. I'm making sure my son is priority number one and along with my wife its basically you are with us or against us. We've already had some challenging times with him in these short 10 days and have had to regroup and make sure we take of us first.

So now the euphoria of having a new born has passed and our son is now coming into his own as a little person, he's awake more, eats more, poops and farts more. He also shows more personality and at times resistance.

I'm just touching the surface of this emotional roller coaster of parenthood and just in the last few days it can be overwhelming but then you catch yourself, see you child and remember why we do this.

And then there's all the advice I got, mostly bad honestly but several stand out (all good), my wife's grandmother (the mother of 13, grandmother of 49 and great grandmother of 56 and counting), stated to "have a routine and that a child can feel your emotions, so its important to remain calm." A good friend of mine simply told me that now "it get's real", and a cousin said" not to listen to any advice".

I'm just appreciative how sincere people have been and how excited they have been for our child.

Obviously this is just the beginning of life for our son but its also opening the eyes of my wife and I as we see the world through his eyes.

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