One Month Of Fatherhood

One Month Of Fatherhood

It’s been a little over a month since my son was born and it’s been the experience of a lifetime.

You hear people talk about “the miracle of life” and it most certainly is but even bigger is how it affects you and other people.
I’ve been humbled by the generosity of others and the interest people have in him.

But what may be surprised me the most if how he has influenced me, to start planning a future for him, to make sure what we do is in his best interest.

You definitely gain “purpose” once you have a child. I did the “40 days of the Purpose Driven life”, over 10 years ago and though that was a great experience for me then.
Now my son is definitely showing me the way on how to live and nothing ground breaking but things like not using as much foul language. I don’t eat as much (and I used to pig out), because I have to watch the time to make sure he is taken care of and give my wife time to eat as well.

And its also true when people say you need to “take care of yourself”. My wife and I have found though our needs are fewer than before.

No doubt sleep is a precious commodity but have you ever shared a nap with your child? Now that is quality time, of course making sure the child is safe but any and all time with him is great.

Yes scripture tell us patience is a virtue and yes it will be tested but at times when even he is screaming there’s no need to take it out on him. Just let him do his thing and that he doesn’t hurt himself and simply be there for him.

Already you can see him grow, he now takes almost three ounces of milk instead of two, he makes more noises and wants to talk and he has more physical movements. Not to mention bowel movements.

I think another big thing is just that, you think about big things, his future, what might have just been “good enough” before just won’t cut it. You want the best for your child.

I also recognize the hard work and sacrifices made by my parents and other relatives, how hard they worked, what they gave up and how they made sure I was taken care of first.

Also whatever comfort level you had before is gone, I feel myself pushing myself more, I can’t just settle for him. Changes will need to be made, risks will need to be taken and if people criticize, “oh well”, its my kid not theirs.

Yeah there are a lot more scary moments as you constantly enter unknown territory but this is time to make changes, to “go for it”, because he is worth the risk.
I tell people for all the challenges of being a new dad, the rewards far outweigh it.

Yeah its hard work and even more so for my wife.
She has endured the challenges of “feeding” and I’ll spare the details but it wasn’t easy nor pretty but right now it works.

I respect her so much for what she has been through and I never feel like I do enough. I think that’s part of being a parent too is that guilt. You work, you plan and it just never feels like enough.

There’s nothing I won’t do for my son, I want him to be successful but more importantly happy.

And most of all I want him to be his own man and I will do whatever it takes to help him get there.

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