Don't Let Your Wedding Ring Go Down the Drain

Don't Let Your Wedding Ring Go Down the Drain

So last Saturday morning I wasn't paying close attention and didn't have the strainer in the bathroom face bowl and I went to open a pack of disposable razors and the package ripped opened and razors went everywhere and hit my wedding ring and it bounced in the sink and went down the drain.

I can't repeat here what came out of my mouth.

I looked down the drain and I could see it (though a miners helmet with a light would have made it a lot easier), it looked to be about halfway down the drain but not to the elbow (aka "P Trap"), so I got a wooden stick and glued a refrigerator magnet to the end of it to the get the ring back.

The magnet fell off hitting the ring and the ring fell about six inches further, still visible but almost out of reach. The magnet went all the way down to the "J" part of the "P Trap".

So I got the longest, skinniest screwdriver I could find, put crazy glue on the end of it to try and get the ring back and I brought back up a bunch of goo and knocked the ring down even further.

More unprintable words out of my mouth.
Now I can't see the ring, so I frantically try to get the "P Trap off", forgetting that only the end screwed to the PVC going out to the drain and that the top part coming off the sink neck is simply slipped on. I'm insanely trying to unscrew the top part of the "P Trap when it doesn't unscrew. And in my haste I grabbed my second biggest pipe wrench and banged the "P Trap" down and unscrewed the rest and the ring (and magnet), were in the "J Neck" of the "P Trap".

But in all that I damaged the "P Trap". The elbow is cracked and now leaks. Its Saturday morning so I go to a large big box hardware store and in my haste, don't take the original "P Trap" with me, I figured its a standard size & I know plumbing (and I do but my most of my knowledge is in toilets not sinks), so I go and buy the wrong size, 1 1/4 instead of 1 1/2, so of course it doesn't fit.

So then later that day I go the rival big box hardware store, even meet with the plumbing manager and I take the original "P Trap" with me and he gets it half right that its 1 1/2 and I try it on at home and the end fits with the PVC but the top is a loose fit with the sink and thus as water fills up in the J neck it does come out though the gap in the top.

So then the weekend is over and I don't have time to work on this, so I put aluminum duct tape on the original "P Trap" and re attach and put the mop bucket underneath and that has to work for the week.

So then Sunday (family dinner and activities on Saturday), I go back at it and go to a the local small chain hardware store hoping to find someone knowledgeable but they are busy and I have to fend for myself. I think I find the right piece but I get home and still that neck coming down from the basin is thin and doesn't make a tight fit on the top of the "P Trap".

So finally I measure it and though several people told me that piece coming down on the sink should be 1 1/4, its not, its 1 1/8. hence the fit issues. So finally I go to one more local small hardware chain and I do get to speak with a plumbing expert and she (yes she), told meĀ  a usual "P Trap" replacement pack there are different gaskets in there to make a tighter fit and after going back home and trying various combinations and I finally get the "P Trap" to finally fit.

So 8 days, four hardware stores, four different replacement " P traps" and a lot of cussing later, the sink is back to normal.

The moral of the story is, make sure you have a lint trap or some sort of strainer/catch in your sink so your wedding ring doesn't down the drain, other wise a number of hours and almost twenty bucks will go down the drain with it.

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